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The Difference Between a Good and Bad AC

Monday, September 11th, 2023

At this point, you’ve likely had a lot of quality time with your air conditioner. The amount of heatwaves, high humidity warnings, and just generally high temperatures we’ve endured this year is record-breaking. Our air conditioners have been functioning non-stop for weeks at a time, so you might have gotten used to some of the sounds and little quirks that your system has.

There’s nothing wrong with an air conditioner that has a few quirks, right? As long as it pumps cool air into your home, it’s probably fine.

This sentiment can get you into some trouble though, if you’re not careful. Below, we’ll go over some ways that you can identify a good air conditioner or a bad one. If you think your AC is in the second category, be sure to schedule AC repair in Camden County. Our team can be out to Haddon Heights, Tavistock, Cherry Hill, and beyond!

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5 Reasons to Consider a Smart Thermostat

Monday, August 14th, 2023

Are you on the fence when it comes to replacing your thermostat? That old analog system from the ‘70s or the outdated digital one from the turn of the millennia might be starting to annoy you.

And you know what? That makes sense! Thermostats are supposed to be precise in the way that they control your HVAC system and monitor the temperature. Older and outdated thermostat systems just don’t work as well as new ones, and you might be noticing that in the ambient temperature of your home.

For customers in Northfield, Hammonton, and even Folsom, a thermostat upgrade can be a big deal for home comfort, and we’ll explain why. Just remember to schedule an appointment with our team for a smart thermostat in Camden County. We can perform this upgrade effectively, quickly, and ensure that you get the thermostat that works for you and your family.

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AC Installations in Older Homes: Our Guide

Monday, July 17th, 2023

You’ve found one of our more “intermediate” blogs where we cover a topic that not many homeowners are familiar with. Older homes are everywhere in our neck of the woods, and some of them are much older than others. This makes things tricky for HVAC professionals, because older homes aren’t necessarily spacious enough or designed to have an AC installation in Camden County.

This is true for practically every neighborhood, from Haddon Heights, to Tavistock, and even throughout Cherry Hill, old 18th and 19th century homes stand tall with new owners that would like to set them up with air conditioning units. However, AC can’t blast from a radiator attached to the wall, so sometimes things need to be changed or retrofitted in order to fit this kind of system.

Don’t worry, we’ll cover all the ins and outs of this kind of work. AC installation is complex depending on the kind of home you have, but it doesn’t have to be if you hire a professional like the ones on our team.

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Ambient’s Guide to HVAC Rebates

Monday, July 3rd, 2023

In the age of energy-efficient air conditioners and climate-centered legislation, you’re going to be hearing a lot about rebates. A rebate is similar to something like a tax credit—they’re easy ways that customers can get cash back in their wallets after purchasing an expensive AC system.

Rebates are great because they might be the difference between you purchasing a cheaper air conditioner in Wenonah, Glassboro, or Swedesboro, and purchasing a more high-efficiency, high-tech system that can last longer. The second option, although more expensive, is a better option for you, the power grid, and the environment.

So, let’s focus on HVAC rebates in New Jersey to start. We’ll talk about why they’re so useful, how you can approach them in the most productive way, and some guidelines to help you navigate them.

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3 Reasons Your HVAC System Runs Too Often

Monday, June 19th, 2023

We want you to imagine something for a second. If you were to stand up from your chair, bend over, and sit back down, that’s probably just some healthy exercise, right? Well, what if you got up, bent over, and sat down every few minutes for the entire day. That’s starting to sound like a difficult task, right? Repetition is good exercise, but too much can be a strain on the body and do damage to our joints and muscles.

Why are we bringing this up? Well, it’s important to think of your air conditioning system in a similar way. It’s good at turning on and cooling the air in your home. But the more it runs, the more stress it’s undergoing and you could end up damaging it in the process. Programs like HVAC maintenance in Atlantic County are designed to alleviate this kind of stress.

So, if you’re a homeowner in Longport, Margate City, or Somers Point, listen up! This is an issue that we need customers to be aware of.

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5 Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Monday, June 5th, 2023

We’ve already experienced some high temperatures this year, and things are only likely to get hotter. For many people, temperatures that go above the 80s can lead to a huge decrease in productivity and a rise in stress and discomfort. That’s why we’d like to help in any way we can.

Of course, the first thing you should do is call for AC repair in South Jersey. Even if you live in Deerfield, Greenwich, or Upper Deerfield, our team can be there soon to fix your AC and get your home back to normal.

But for people looking for some free, easy tips to stay cool this summer, we can also help. Our goal is to make sure everyone in Cumberland County feels safe and cool this summer, even if their air conditioner is struggling.

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Should I Switch to a Ductless System?

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

Ductless technology is becoming increasingly more popular and affordable. This is ultimately good news for customers and for HVAC professionals, because it means that people are more aware of their advantages and disadvantages, and it also makes all of the centralized heating and cooling systems more affordable as well. This is a win-win in our eyes!

However, with more popularity comes more customers who don’t necessarily know the ins and outs of ductless systems. So we’re going to do a spotlight blog on ductless air conditioning in Cumberland County. These systems are great for homes in the area, including Greenwich, Hainesport, Evesham, and anywhere else. Our climate is uniquely suited to heat pump technology, and you might end up saving a lot of money on your energy bill in the process.

Let’s figure out if you’re ready for a ductless system!

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How Do I Know If I Need to Replace My AC?

Monday, May 8th, 2023

Replacement and repair are two different solutions for a similar problem. There’s something wrong with your air conditioner, but the solution to that problem is going to differ depending on many different things.

For instance, if your air conditioner is in rough shape but is a recent piece of technology that was installed only a few years ago, then a repair is likely the right choice. However, for an air conditioning installation in Atlantic County that was botched or set up two decades ago, no amount of repairs will get it to work like a modern system.

So, the choice is ultimately up to you. But we can help you figure out which choice, between repair or replacement, is the most cost-effective option. For our customers in Longport, Margate City, and Somers Point, our team is the one to call for these services.

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Preventative AC Maintenance Tips

Monday, April 24th, 2023

Temperatures are starting to fluctuate above the “mild and comfortable” zone now. While we’re not quite at summertime yet, it’s never a bad idea to get started working with your air conditioner so it’s prepared for the heat ahead. This can be done in multiple different ways.

For starters, we’ll be reviewing some great DIY tips that can help you set your air conditioner up for success in Mount Holly, Lumberton, and even Evesham. This includes things like replacing the air filter, hosing down the unit, and even making sure that your vents are cleared. Then, we can discuss the most important thing of all–your preventative AC maintenance in Burlington County. This professional service goes a long way towards making sure your AC’s components are in great shape and ready for the future. Couple this professional maintenance with some DIY tricks, and you’ll be in great shape.

Yes, you can officially start bragging to your neighbors about your AC once you’ve completed these steps!

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Thermostat Tips for the Summer

Monday, April 10th, 2023

So, you’ve just invested in a brand-new air conditioning system. Or, maybe you’re trying to get your heat pump to last as long as possible before it needs to be replaced. Sitting down the family to have a discussion about best practices is a very good idea, especially because it creates an opportunity to teach them about how HVAC works and why it’s such an important thing to consider. After all, the more efficiently your HVAC system operates, the more money you’ll save and the more likely it is that you’ll be able to afford that summer vacation.

It all starts with your thermostat. A better thermostat operation is going to mean your HVAC system runs more efficiently, it’s really that simple. And, with a few tips and tricks, you could keep things in smooth operation and get through the summer comfortably. You might even need a thermostat upgrade in Salem County, or at least repairs in Pittsgrove, Pilesgrove, or Woodstown.

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