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Duct Sealing Service in Camden County & South Jersey

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The conditions of the ducts in your home can have a major impact on your household’s comfort and energy costs. To restore your ducts to top condition, you can rely on the technicians at Ambient Comfort LLC for duct sealing services.

  • 24-hour service available
  • NATE-certified technicians with up-to-date training
  • Unsurpassed level of professionalism and quality

If you have concerns about your ducts, you can first arrange for us to test the ductwork. If we find holes, gaps, and other air leaks, we’ll use the best equipment to make the ducts airtight once more. You can rely on us to always do the best job and deliver full satisfaction. We have more than 10 years of history helping local homes in Camden County and South Jersey stay comfortable and energy efficient.

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Why Breached Ducts Are a Problem

A duct breach can occur through inadvertent damage to the system, because of projects elsewhere in the home or perhaps encroaching critters like critters. They can also occur in the links between duct pieces when seals or bolts become worn out. Either way, the hole that’s created can do one of two things: either pull conditioned air out of the system or bring unconditioned air in. As a result, your HVAC system needs to work harder to make your Camden County home comfortable. Your monthly bills will go up and you run a much higher risk of a breakdown. Breaches can also affect surrounding materials in your home, such as insulation and electrical wiring.

Repair Services for Duct Breaches

Spotting a duct breach can be difficult, but there are telltale signs in most cases if you look for them. A breach tends to reduce the air flow out of the affected vent, for instance, meaning that you can notice a problem by feeling for the air flow. They can also create warm spots or cold spots on nearby walls, where are a great way to pinpoint the breach as well. Finally, you may find your monthly bills going up for no reason this is a sign of a breach. Once you spot these signs, shut off the HVAC system and call in Ambient Comfort LLC for duct sealing services. We serve homes throughout Camden County!

Trust Us with Duct Sealing

When it comes to duct sealing, you want a reliable company like Ambient Comfort LLC on your side. We use the latest advances to pinpoint the exact location of the breach, so that we don’t waste time or money on fishing expeditions. Once we analyze the problem, we’ll provide the right solution for it, whether it’s building a new piece or simply sealing the breach with duct mastic or similar materials. Ideally, no homeowner will experience a problem like this more than a few times in their lives. We deal with it every week, so you can trust out trained team to do the job right! Call us today to schedule duct sealing services in Camden County, NJ.

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