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Serving Southern New Jersey

24/7 Emergency Service Available


Serving Southern New Jersey


Commercial HVAC Services in Camden County & South Jersey

Any business owner or office manager in Camden County, NJ will tell you: comfort means everything in an office environment. If you’re a customer or an employee, you want the temperature to be perfect to provide a pleasant environment and to make working easier and more productive. How do you do that in a multi-story office building with multiple occupants, each making their own specific temperature needs? Or a commercial space where you have to keep product and customers alike in a good mood?

Those are the challenges answered by your commercial HVAC system. As such, it differs tremendously from residential systems. Yet it’s even more important, for a breakdown or malfunction of just a few hours can cost you a huge amount in lost business. Those unique needs can be met by a company like Ambient Comfort LLC, trained in the specifics of commercial HVAC services, and standing by to install, repair, maintain or replace a unit in your building. Keep us in mind for all your commercial HVAC needs and we won’t let you down! Give us a call to schedule commercial HVAC services in Camden County.

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We Install and Service Roof Units

One of the big differences between commercial HVAC systems and residential systems in Camden County is the need to take up as little space as possible. That’s why we often recommend rooftop units for commercial spaces, an option you should always consider. By placing the units on the roof, you free up space for storage, parking, work stations or display areas, all without sacrificing the heating and cooling you need. Even better, rooftop placement means ease of access for those times when you require maintenance or repairs. It allows our technician to do their job without disrupting your operations.

At Ambient Comfort LLC, we offer service on a number of different commercial HVAC units including:

Modular Units Provide Flexibility

In addition to placing commercial HVAC units on the roof, the biggest difference between commercial and residential units is their modular nature. As old occupants move out and new ones move in, your specific heating and cooling needs will change, and the existing power load may be either too much or not enough. Changing the whole system isn’t practical, but with modular units, you can simply add or subtract new ones onto the existing system as needed. That way, your tenants’ needs can be met no matter what they are, and your business will keep humming along regardless of individual heating and cooling demands!

Package Units Maximize Space

Depending on the specifics, many residences in Camden County have separate heating and cooling units to keep their temperatures comfortable. That’s more of a problem with commercial units, where the size and scope of an HVAC system makes separate units an undue intrusion. You need to make the most of your space with a commercial setting and package units — which combine a heater and an air conditioner into one — make for an ideal solution. Ambient Comfort LLC can provide all the details you need on such units, and we’ll be there for installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services. Contact us today to get the process started! Give us a call to schedule commercial HVAC services in Camden County, NJ.