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Serving Southern New Jersey

24/7 Emergency Service Available


Serving Southern New Jersey


Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in South Jersey

Camden County, NJ, encounters a wide array of weather phenomenon over the years, with blistering hot summers and freezing cold winters that demand proper heating and cooling. In particular, businesses need to have quality temperature control in order to keep their environment pleasant and under control. Otherwise, they can’t maintain a pleasant environment for their employees and customers. But in the need to control the temperature, don’t forget to include measures to address indoor air quality: covering things like dust content and humidity levels. These can affect the comfort of your employees and customers alike, which has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Luckily, the same service you trust to handle your heating and air conditioning system can also provide high level commercial indoor air quality service. At Ambient Comfort LLC, we’re dedicated to every aspect of your commercial space’s comfort level, and can install, repair, maintain and replace the IAQ products best suits to your needs. Contact one of our friendly staff members today and let us know what we can do!

The Right Commercial Air Purifier System Will Keep Your Staff Healthy

You likely have a janitorial staff keeping your carpets and fixtures clean. Why would you treat the air in your commercial space any differently? Dust and dirt in the air can add to incidents of sickness in your office, reduce the quality of the air and in some cases even damage delicate components such as computers.

Prudent businesses in Camden County will install a quality commercial air purifier in their building. It provides through protection against dust and uses the cycling of your heater and air conditioner to filter the air through its system. Call Ambient Comfort LLC today for installation, repair, maintenance and replacement options!

Fight the High Humidity of Summer With a Commercial Dehumidifier

Camden County can be a hothouse in the summer, with humidity levels climbing almost as high as the temperature. That makes the air feel hotter than it is and prevents our bodies from cooling off by sweating. Air conditioners can sometimes handle the problem, but it increases the strain on them tremendously and running a greater risk of a breakdown.

In response, think about installing a commercial dehumidifier in your building. In addition to lowering the amount of work your air conditioner has to do, it lets you keep a lid on the excessive mugginess of our New Jersey summers, and ensure that your customers will always think of your space as a pleasant location to visit. Call us today!

Dry Air in the Winter Can Be Painful Without a Commercial Humidifier

Just as summer is marked by excessive humidity in the air, so is winter defined by a dryness in the air. Cooling temperatures cause ambient moisture to solidify, which is why you get dew in the early hours of the morning. In the winter, that gets even worse: leading to chapped lips, static electricity and an increase in cold and flu bugs. Combat that by installing a commercial humidifier with Ambient Comfort LLC. We’ll ensure that it’s not only the right model for your commercial space, but that it’s installed properly to as to give you no problems. We’re also available for repair work and to keep the system maintained once installed!

Call the indoor air quality experts at Ambient Comfort LLC to schedule commercial HVAC services in Camden County, NJ.