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Dehumidifier Services in Gloucester County, NJ

Summers are hot in Gloucester County, NJ and you don’t have to be a lifelong resident to understand the need to keep cool during the summer months. But it’s not a dry heat, and that in and of itself creates more problems. High humidity can be as much of a problem as high temperatures, and if you don’t take steps to address it, you could be signing on for some significant trouble. Any system that keeps your house comfortable needs to address our summer humidity levels in order to do its job.

A whole-house dehumidifier is usually the best solution to improve your indoor air quality: removing excess moisture from the air and bringing a number of benefits to your household as a result. The professionals at Ambient Comfort LLC have years of experience installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing dehumidifiers. We can put the right system into your home and ensure that it stays clean and healthy for all of your family members. Contact us today to get the process started and keep that muggy air outside your home where it belongs.

Problems Created by High Humidity

When relative humidity levels rise above 50%, there’s simply too much ambient moisture in the air for the sweat to evaporate off of your skin. That interferes with our body’s natural cooling mechanism — the cool sensation of breeze on your moist skin — which makes your house feel hotter than it actually is. In addition, since the sweat won’t evaporate, you end up feeling sticky. High humidity can also foster the growth of mold and bacteria, while exacerbating allergies in sensitive family members. Our summers here in Gloucester County don’t look to get any cooler or less muggy, which means you need a long–term solution to the problem

The Whole–House Dehumidifier Is a Great Solution

A whole–house dehumidifier will not only allow you to regulate the humidity level, but also reduce the load on your cooling system. As the temperature drops, the moisture coalesces into droplets, which can be stored in a collection chamber and periodically drained. The air conditioner performs a version of this by default, but it’s not focused on removing moisture: temperature control is its primary purpose. That means that our muggy Gloucester County summers can really put a strain on it, and without a dehumidifier to lighten the load you may be looking at a serious breakdown on a muggy day. A dehumidifier installed and maintained by Ambient Comfort LLC is the proper solution to the problem

We Cover Every Angle with Dehumidifier Services

At Ambient Comfort LLC, we stand ready to install a new dehumidifier into your HVAC system and ensure that it’s the right system for your house. But it doesn’t end with just installation. Clogs can develop in the drain line, electrical connections can become frayed and wear and tear can affect it as well. We’ll be there to keep it maintained and stay ahead of that wear, and also to keep it repaired in the event a more thorough issue needs addressing. Finally, when the time comes, we’ll be able to replace it with an updated model and ensure that your home stays comfortable. Call us today to schedule dehumidifier services in Gloucester County, NJ.