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Serving Southern New Jersey

24/7 Emergency Service Available


Serving Southern New Jersey


Commercial Dehumidifiers in Camden County & South Jersey

We often talk about the heat of our Camden County, NJ summers, but we talk much less often about the humidity, which skyrockets just like the temperatures and can make life truly miserable. Your air conditioner can combat some of it, but to truly do the job, you need a tool specially designed for it. Enter the dehumidifier, which can help restore humidity to a comfortable level and take some of the stress and strain off of your air conditioner to boot. This is doubly important in a commercial setting, since you want your customers to feel comfortable and your employees to be able to work without distraction.

At Ambient Comfort LLC, our technicians have years of experience with commercial services, and we can install a commercial dehumidifier that keeps your business comfortable. More importantly, we can get it fixed quickly when it runs into trouble, and offer preventative maintenance to stop big problems before they get started. If you need quality humidity control for your business, contact us today!

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Why High Humidity Is a Problem

When relative humidity rises above 50%, your sweat won’t evaporate, robbing your body of its ability to keep cool. Not only does that make for an extremely uncomfortable environment — sweaty and feeling hotter than it actually is — but it could damage your products or key components like your computers. Add that to a hothouse environment that practically begs your customers to go away, and you can see how it might become a big problem. Your commercial air conditioner can mitigate the issue, but it’s not built for that kind of work, and as a result will use more energy while running up the chances of a major breakdown somewhere further down the line.

What Commercial Dehumidifiers Do for You

A dehumidifier isn’t all that different from an air conditioner, since lowering the temperature in the air is what causes the ambient moisture vapor to coalesce into droplets and leave the atmosphere. That’s why you have dew in the mornings — the coolest hour of the day — here in Camden County. The dehumidifier simply applies that solely to the removal of moisture from the atmosphere, storing the condensate in a pan or feeding it into a drain line that removes it from the building.

As a result, the air feels cooler and more comfortable, and the air conditioner won’t need to work so hard to do its job. More importantly, the dehumidifier can keep key components in your business safe and dry. Ambient Comfort LLC can help you find the best unit for your circumstances.

Professional Dehumidification Service from First Day to Last

Keeping a commercial dehumidifier up and running starts with installation, which we regularly perform throughout Camden County. But it means more than just walking away once the last bolt is fitted into place. It means being there for annual maintenance to ensure that it’s always keeping your business comfortable, and repairs for those times when you need formal repairs. Finally, we’ll replace the dehumidifier with a new one the minute your old one wears out. Call us today and let us show you what we can do! Contact us to schedule commercial dehumidifer services in Camden County, NJ.