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24/7 Emergency Service Available


Serving Southern New Jersey


Duct Testing in Camden County & South Jersey

Ductwork is a key part of any centralized heating and air conditioning system here in Camden County, NJ, and when it runs into trouble, it can seriously impact your ability to keep your home comfortable. Blockages, breaches and even just dust buildup can adversely affect your entire system. The good news is that the problem is usually fairly simple in nature. The bad news is that the duct themselves can be hard to reach, and since they’re often hidden in the crawlspaces or attic, it may be some time before you even spot the problem, let along take steps to fix it.

Luckily, your friends at Ambient Comfort LLC can provide an answer. With our professional duct testing, we can spot the problems that remain hidden from view, giving you all the information you need to properly address the problem. With that information in place, you can help make your home more efficient, and even improve the quality of your air in some circumstances. It all starts by picking up the phone so give us a call today!

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Why Is Duct Testing Necessary?

Leaks in your duct system are among the biggest drains to the HVAC system in your Camden Country home. It can include flat–out breaches, yes, but also loose fittings, improperly set vents and even just standard–issue wear and tear. The more tightly your ducts are sealed, the more they add to your heating and cooling efficiency: lowering monthly bills and reducing the risks of a breakdown from undue strain. The trouble comes with finding those spots through hundreds of feet worth of ducts: most of them in the attic, between your walls or other spots that are tough to access most of the time. Duct testing from qualified services like Ambient Comfort LLC makes the optimal solution.

Your Ducts Are Under Pressure

Because your ducts are theoretically a closed system, we can use air pressure to determine if any leaks exist and where they might be. The apex to the ducts is sealed off, as are other outlets such as the vents. A fan is then blown through the system allowing the Ambient Comfort LLC technicians to measure the pressure in the ducts. If the pressure is lower than expected or wavers in some way, you know you have a breach and can pinpoint it at least to the pertinent section of ducts. The process can be slow, but it is very accurate, giving you a good sense of where the problem lies and letting the technician plan for repairs with concrete knowledge in hand.

What Are the Benefits?

Camden County experiences punishing winters and blazing hot summers. The more energy efficient your home can be, the better your HVAC system will keep you protected from those temperature extremes. Spotting leaks or breaches in your ducts and getting them repair goes a long way towards improving that efficiency, putting money back in your pocket.

More importantly, it eases strain on your heating and air conditioning system, which can reduce the risk of a breakdown and even extend its overall life in the right circumstances. Ambient Comfort LLC is dedicated to giving you the most for your energy dollar, which is why our duct testing services are so thorough. Call us today to schedule duct testing in Camden County, NJ.