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Gloucester County, NJ Heating & Air Conditioning Services

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A winter in Gloucester County, NJ is as cold as they come, with temperatures routinely dropping well before freezing and snowstorms the likes of which few outside the East Coast can understand. Our summers are as hot as our winters are cold, which means you need an air conditioning system as reliable as your heater. That includes indoor air quality products, particularly humidifiers and dehumidifiers which can keep our wildly varying moisture levels in check. The pros at Ambient Comfort LLC can handle it all, no matter what your situation might be. If you need an expert in your corner, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Gloucester County HVAC Services

Ambient Comfort LLC offers heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality services throughout Gloucester County. Our service areas include the following towns:

Clayton, Deptford Township, East Greenwich Township, Elk Township, Franklin Township, Glassboro, Greenwich Township, Harrison Township, Logan Township, Mantua Township, Monroe Township, National Park, Newfield, Paulsboro, Pitman, South Harrison Township, Swedesboro, Washington Township, Wenonah, West Deptford Township, Westville, Woodbury, Woodbury Heights, Woolwich Township

Find a full list of our service areas here to find your town.

Heating Services in Gloucester County, NJ

If you’re in the market for a new heating system here in Gloucester County, there are a number of key details to keep in mind. Chief among them should be the heaters AFUE rating, which stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. The higher the rating, the less fuel the heating system needs to do its job. In most cases, that means you can reduce the monthly costs of your heating bill when you get a new system installed, which should be one of the most basic reasons for getting a heater replaced in the first place.

Look to Us for Gas and Electric Furnaces

Most homes in the area use gas or electric furnaces, which form one of the staples of our business. At Ambient Comfort LLC, we pride ourselves on being able to handle any problems your heating system might have, starting with installation and going right on through to full-bore replacement. When your furnace has problems, you don’t want to hunt all over town for a reliable service. Contact us today, and see what a difference we can make!

Leaks in Boilers Are a Big Problem

Everyone laughs about leaky boiler, but in point of fact, there’s very little worth laughing over when they do. Not only can they raise your bills or even render parts of your boiler unusable, but you might not even be aware they exist. Pinhole leaks can cause considerable trouble, lasting for weeks or even months before you notice them and call a technician.

Heat Pumps Work Well for Homes Hoping to Save Money

Few things in a household budget can pinch as much as heating costs, which are absolutely necessary, but can often cost you quite a bit. The solution may be a heat pump, which serves the twin functions of heater and air condition into one. Because they don’t consume fuel - just a little electricity to run the pumps and fans - they cost less to run than other types of heating system.

Repair or Replace Your Thermostat?

Thermostats are designed to last a long time, and they don’t run into trouble very often. In fact, when they do, it might be easier to simply replace the unit with a new one rather than going through repairs. Age will play a role in that decision, as will the extent of the damage, but when your thermostat has problems, always keep the possibility of full-bore replacement in mind.

Gloucester County Air Conditioning Services

When looking for a new air conditioner in Gloucester County, you need to keep two primary factors in mind. The first is the power level of the unit, which needs to be carefully sized to fit the space it needs to cool. Once you have that in mind, you need to look into the most efficient unit you can afford, determined by its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. Call Ambient Comfort LLC for sound advice on both of those components, ensuring that you have the perfect air conditioner for your needs!

Ductless AC Systems Prevent Family Squabbles

One of the mild yet undeniable benefits of a ductless air conditioning system is the way it can resolve family disputes. Say you’re in the living room and prefer the temperature to be 72 degrees. Your spouse much prefers it cooler, at 68. Ductless air conditioning lets you both have what you want simply by occupying different rooms in the house.

Central Air Conditioning Systems Need Maintenance

Dust and dirt can be a constant issue with centralized air conditioners: coating key components and increasing wear and tear. Refrigerant can run low and loose bolts can cause components to rattle in their housings. All these issues can be dealt with via a timely maintenance session for you air conditioner, scheduled once or twice a year. Pick up the phone and call us now!

Indoor Air Quality Matters as Much as Temperature

We focus a lot of temperature control here in Gloucester County, which makes sense owing to our cold winters and hot summers. But in your work to make your heating and air conditionings systems as effective as possible, don’t forget to have your home protected from dust, germs and excess humidity with a solid indoor air quality product. Not only will they make the air in your home feel fresher and more pleasant, but they can often ease the burden on your heating and air conditioning system to boot.

Whole-Home Humidifiers Ease the Strain on Your Heater

One of the problems of excessively dry air is the fact that it makes your home feel chillier than it actually is. The moisture in your skin dries out, making the cold feel colder and forcing your heater to work harder to do its job. A whole-home humidifier can ease that strain and lower the amount of work your heater has to do!

Trust in Whole-Home Dehumidifiers

Summer mugginess can make your home supremely uncomfortable: fostering the growth of molds and bacteria and increasing the chances of illness as well as leading to that sweaty gross feeling that comes from high humidity levels. A whole-home dehumidifier is the answer you need. It restores the moisture balance and making your home feel good again. Trust the right service to install it for you.

Beat Germs with Air Purifiers

An electronic air purifier can screen out dust and other contaminants from your home, while UV air purifiers kill germs dead as they pass through your system. Both are extremely useful in keeping your home happy and healthy, and can work in conjunction with your heating and air conditioning system to help ease the strain on them when they run.

Commercial HVAC Systems Need the Right Care

Here in Gloucester County, we have our share of businesses and commercial properties, and maintaining a quality HVAC system for them is different than doing so for a residential space. They have more space to heat and cool, for example, and must accommodate ever-changing needs as your business grows and changes. Accordingly, you want a service that can handle the unique needs of your business, not just someone transposing their knowledge of residential systems and hoping for the best. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

You can never predict when your air conditioning system is going to break down, but when it does, you can be assured that it will do so in the least convenient manner possible. Look for a service that can respond on short notice to your problem, and is willing to work after hours in order to get your system where it needs to be.

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