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Ambient’s Answers: What Does the “Central” in “Central AC” Mean?

Central air conditioning is one of those phrases that has entered the common lexicon. This is for a good reason: central air conditioning is still one of the most affordable and efficient ways to keep your home cool during the summer. But it’s not the only way at this point, and it’s one of many different air conditioning methods.

For instance, we now have access to powerful ductless mini splits that can cool your whole home with just 1–4 air handlers mounted on the walls, ceilings, or floors. But these systems are inherently not central air conditioners.

Why is that? What makes a central air conditioner “central” and why is central cooling in Gloucester County, NJ it’s own thing? If you’re a homeowner in the area looking for cooling solutions, especially if you live in Franklinville, Newfield, Washington Township, or Glassboro, then you’ll want to learn more about this.

Power and Efficiency: The Strength of a Central Cooling Unit

Central cooling systems get their popularity from how powerful and efficient they are. When on a strict budget, customers usually have the option of saving their money and using window AC units for the season, or investing in a central air conditioning system. Heat pumps and especially ductless mini splits can be out of many people’s price ranges.

When these two options are your only sensible ones, a central cooling unit wins every time. They’re large enough to cool an entire house to the level set on your thermostat, and they can do it more efficiently than a series of window units that you’ve purchased over the years.

The central cooling unit shines due to having the powerful components all in one place. It cools immense amounts of air that then get sent through your air ducts into the rooms of your house where you can feel the change. It’s also quiet because the main components work far away from your living spaces.

They’re Affordable Options

Back in the day, central air conditioners used to be extremely expensive. Only the most wealthy homeowners could afford them. Now, they’re practically everywhere and it’s due to how affordable they’ve become.

First of all, technology has gotten better and these systems have become more widely produced, which means there’s more competition in the industry and customers can get a better deal than they used to.

Secondly, there are more versatile and efficient systems available, like heat pumps and ductless mini splits, that are for high-end customers who want to spend thousands of dollars more. For the average homeowner, a central cooling unit is perfectly fine and a great deal.

An Upgrade From Window Units

If you’re looking to upgrade from your multiple, old window air conditioning units, then a central cooling system could be the perfect choice. We’ll work with you to maximize your savings, from efficiency tax credits to manufacturer rebates, and our technicians will install the system quickly so you can get back to enjoying your life.

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