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Serving Southern New Jersey

24/7 Emergency Service Available


Serving Southern New Jersey


Indoor Air Quality Services in Camden County & South Jersey

Hot summers and cold winters here in Camden Country, NJ tend to keep our attention focused on heaters and air conditioners in our homes. This is understandable and fully justified, but it’s not the only part of the story. Indoor air quality can affect your health and comfort levels just as much as the temperature can. Dust and dirt can lead to illness, while germs and bacteria can spread from one family member to another. Humidity levels can be high in the summer and bone dry in the winter, forcing your HVAC system to work harder than it should.

The solution is an indoor air quality product installed, maintained by the pros at Ambient Comfort LLC. We can audit your home to determine your precise indoor air quality needs, then install the proper system to meet it. We’ll be on hand to keep it maintained, and at the end of its life, we can replace it with a newer, upgraded model. Trust our team to do the job right every time. You’ll be surprised what a good IAQ product can do! Call us today to schedule indoor air quality services in Camden County, NJ.

Air Filters and Purifiers Stop the Spread of Dust

Dust and dirt are constant factors in keeping your home clean: brought in every time you open a door or window, and blown through the whole house by your heating and air conditioning system. All such systems have filters in place to cut down on the spread of dust, but for homes that really want to address the problem we recommend a PureAir Air Purification system from Lennox. It provides comprehensive air cleaning power, backed by one of the most reliable companies in the industry. With less dust in the air, you’ll find instances of illness dropping in your Camden County home. It will also be easier to dust and clean as well. Contact Ambient Comfort LLC to get all of the details!

Whole–Home Dehumidifiers Cut into the Summer Heat

High humidity comes with the territory during a Camden County summer. And while your air conditioner can handle some of it, it adds strain to the system since humidity makes the air around you feel hotter. Adding a whole–house dehumidifier eases the strain off of your air conditioner, allowing it to work without spending as much energy or strain. More importantly, a dehumidifier simply makes your house feel more comfortable, as well as discouraging the growth of mold and bacteria elsewhere in your home. Over time, it can make a huge difference in your household for many summers to come!

Trust Us to Handle It All

Whether you’re looking to cut down on dust in the air, or keep your household safe from germs, Ambient Comfort LLC has an indoor air quality product for you. We can install the right unit for your home in a timely fashion, then return once a year to keep it maintained. When it needs maintenance, we’ll make sure we’re there in a flash, and when the time finally comes to replace it, we’ll be there with an upgraded model taking advantage of the latest technological advances.

Ambient Comfort LLC services a number of air quality solutions to the Camden County area including:

We want to be your partner throughout the life of your IAQ product. Contact us today to get the process started! Give us a call to schedule indoor air quality services in Camden County, NJ.