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Mitsubishi Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning in Camden County, NJ

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Ambient Comfort LLC is proud to be a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, offering the best installations of Mitsubishi ductless mini split systems. Mitsubishi created this advanced technology, and their products remain at the top in the market for homeowners who want to bypass using standard ductwork.

  • 24-hour service available
  • NATE-certified technicians with up-to-date training
  • We make our customers into customers for life

As a Diamond Dealer, our technicians are specially trained to work with Mitsubishi products. No matter the service you need for a Mitsubishi ductless system in Camden County or South Jersey, you can put your full trust in our people. We always provide an unsurpassed level of professionalism and quality.

“Trust Us to Keep You Comfortable”! We’re your local Mitsubishi ductless system pros.


What Does It Mean to Be a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer?

If you’ve spent any time renovating your home and hiring contractors, then you know the stress and anxiety that can come from ensuring you have the right professionals on hand for the right jobs. Knowing that a contractor specializes in a certain system or task gives you the peace of mind that the job will be done right, the first time.

A Mitsubishi ductless system Diamond Dealer is an expert at ductless installation, ensuring that your indoor air handlers are installed with the utmost care. They also are trained to provide thorough maintenance and repair services whenever you need it, and know these systems inside out, so you can rest easy knowing any problems will be managed swiftly and cautiously.

Installing Your Mitsubishi Ductless System

A Mitsubishi ductless system is set up of a small outdoor unit, connected to up to 4 indoor air handlers via conduits that contain a power source and refrigerant. The air handlers are mounted up high on the walls in the rooms they condition, typically above the door. Professional installation ensures that they won’t leak or separate from the wall.

Mitsubishi ductless systems are great for homes with little space for ductwork, or homes that had a centralized system, but have damaged ducts they don’t want to replace. Mitsubishi ductless units are also a great option if you’re doing a home remodel, adding on rooms and don’t want to extend ductwork or your existing HVAC system.

Working with a Mitsubishi Ductless Company in Camden County, NJ

Choosing the right air conditioning or heating system for your home is vital to your overall comfort and safety. Mitsubishi diamond dealers are highly trained to help determine the right system for your specific home and needs.

We’ll not only sit down with you and help you determine if a ductless system is in fact the right option, but we’ll consider factors such as the size of your home, exposure to sunlight, how many windows and doors there are, and any heat-producing electrical components in your home, to determine the right size outdoor unit for your household. We look forward to learning how we can best serve your needs, whether you’re new to the concept of ductless heating and air conditioning, or you’re ready for a Mitsubishi ductless system installation in your Camden County, NJ home. Contact our team today to request an estimate on ductless system installations in Camden County and the surrounding area.

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