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Serving Southern New Jersey

24/7 Emergency Service Available


Serving Southern New Jersey


Gas Furnace Services in Camden County, NJ

Gas furnaces are among the simplest and most straightforward heating systems you can install, which is why they are so popular in Camden County, NJ. In addition to forced-air furnaces, you can look into oil-to-gas conversions for your system, which makes them environmentally sound and allows them to run more efficiently to boot. Regardless of the kind of gas furnace you have, you want a reliable service around to handle the unexpected.

At Ambient Comfort LLC, we know that process starts at the very beginning, when you’re first installing a new system or conducting an upgrade or replacement to an old one. That’s why we conduct such operations with extreme courtesy and care, to ensure you get off on the right foot. We’ll continue that with regular maintenance sessions to treat wear and tear, and repairs for those times when maintenance just isn’t enough. Trust us every time, and you’ll know that your gas furnace is in good hands.

Leave Replacement to Our Professionals

A gas furnace replacement session can be a serious expense, and enterprising do–it–yourselfers may be tempted to try installing a new system themselves. This would be a huge mistake. Furnace replacement requires a very specific set of skills, as well as proper licensing from the state. Gas is dangerous and unless the lines and burners are set up the right way by an experienced professional, they can result in leaks, which present a direct hazard to your household. Instead, trust our friendly team of professionals to handle new furnace installation, as well as furnace replacement services when the time comes to trade your old furnace in for a new one!

Gas Furnaces Benefit from Regular Maintenance

Few systems do better with regular maintenance and care than a gas furnace. The burners can become clogged, very easily, for instance, while dirt and soot and interfere with basic functions. Lines can get clogged, and the exhaust vent can get blocked with snow, which is par for the course during our Camden County winters. Over time, that can shorten the lifespan of your furnace, as well as create more serious repair issues. Regular maintenance, on the other hand, keeps wear and tear at bay indefinitely, as well as improving overall efficiency and helping your heater do its job more effectively. Contact our friendly staff to learn more!

Make Sure Gas Furnace Repairs Are Conducted the Right Way

Formal repairs on a gas furnace usually involve replacing faulty parts, such as burners or the fan motor. A poor replacement job can sabotage your efforts to keep the system running, however. For example, if a new component is put in using cheap bolts, it may break loose and rattle in its housing, which wastes energy and sets the stage for a more serious problem to come. A reliable repair service, on the other hand, will attend to every step with care and courtesy and ensure that your system is fixed the right way the first time, every time! That way, your system can be run with absolute confidence, and the issue in question won’t crop up in a few months forcing you to deal with it again.

We Offer Oil to Gas Conversion Services

We have our share of older homes in Camden County, many of which still use oil as a fuel. They’re gradually being phased out in favor of natural gas–fueled furnaces. We highly recommend you look into replacing your system if you are still using oil. This system change not only helps lower your monthly heating bills, but gives the environment a break as well. If that sounds like a good fit for your home, then call the professionals at Ambient Comfort LLC to discuss your options. We perform oil–to–gas conversion throughout the area! Call us today to schedule gas furnace services in Camden County.