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Serving Southern New Jersey

24/7 Emergency Service Available


Serving Southern New Jersey


Heat Pump Services in Camden County & South Jersey

Heat pumps combine the effects of a heater and an air conditioner into a single unit, using the principles of air conditioner to heat your home in the winter as well as cooling it in the summer. In the old days, they needed the help of an electrical heater or similar supplemental system to do the job. But recent advances allow them to function at much cooler temperatures, ensuring that even the coldest Camden County winter can put a dent in them.

At Ambient Comfort LLC we believe in the ability for heat pumps to effectivly warm and cool your home. That is why we offer comprehensive services covering installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services for homes like yours. If you want to talk more about a heat pump and how it could benefit your home please call us for more information. If you already have a heat pump and need a qualified technician to work on it, reach out and contact our friendly staff to get started!

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How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump is, in essence, not too different than an air conditioner, which uses refrigerant to cool your home. The refrigerant moves through a closed loop that shifts it first to liquid form (releasing heat outside your home), then back to gaseous form (pulling heat from the air to be blown into your home with a fan). The only difference is that the flow can be reversed, releasing hot air into your home when you need it warmed instead of cooled. The experts at Ambient Comfort LLC can provide the best installation and repair services that you have come to expect for your household.

When You Run Into Trouble, We’ll Be There for All Heat Pump Repairs

Problems with your heat pump are usually similar to problems with your air conditioner: low refrigerant, blocks in the line, trouble with the fan motor and the like. To it, you can add a smattering of issues unique to the system, such as a problematic reversal valve that keeps you from switching from heating to cooling mode and back. You need a company with a specialized understanding of heat pumps to ensure the repair job is done correctly. You can’t always be sure of a problem with your heat pump, but when you call us, you can count on our technicians to do the job with accuracy and confidence.

Our Professional Heat Pump Installation and Replacement Services

In some cases, you may want a new heat pump installed in your home completely from scratch. In other cases, you may want a heat pump to replace an older heating or air conditioning system. Regardless of the specifics, we’re ready to explore your options with you. We can perform the proper installation with courtesy and pride, and make sure you understand all of your choices before we begin work. That way, you can be sure that your heat pump — whether brand new or as a replacement for another system — is exactly, precisely what you need!

Call us today to schedule heat pump services in Camden County, NJ.