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Mercer County, NJ Heating & Air Conditioning Services

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A comfortable home is the right of everyone, which starts with a high quality heating and cooling system. Here in Mercer County, NJ, that can involve more than temperature control: extending to air filters that screen out dust and indoor air quality products like humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Determining which systems are best for your home can be bewildering, which is why the pros at Ambient Comfort LLC are here to help. All of our installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services start out with a full consultation so you know your options, and we back our services up with an absolute guarantee. Look to us to help keep your home safe no matter what the outdoor circumstances may be!

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Mercer County HVAC Services

Our team offers exceptional heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality services throughout Mercer County. Take a look at the towns we service below:

East Windsor Township, Ewing Township, Hamilton Township, Hightstown, Hopewell, Hopewell Township, Lawrence Township, Pennington, Princeton, Robbinsville Township, Trenton, West Windsor Township, Windsor

Take a look at our complete service area here to find your town.

Mercer County Heating Services

Your heater is only as good as the installation job that put it into your Mercer County home. A good installation means the heater will with maximum efficiency: components will rattle in their housings and the system will suffer wear and tear from the get-go that will merman bigger problems down the line. At Ambient Comfort LLC, we’re ready to perform timely repairs if needed, but we pride ourselves on installation, e nursing that your heating system goes a good long time before suffering a breakdown. Contact us today to find out more!

Gas and Electric Furnaces Aren’t the Same

It can be easy to look at gas and electric furnaces as identical units, since they do the same basic job. Shoddy HVAC companies often make that mistake, which leads to poor repair services and a furnace that may not be fixed the way it needs to be. Trust a repair service that understands the unique qualities of each type of furnace and can perform repairs accordingly.

Watch for Pinhole Leaks in Boilers

Boilers are prone to leaks in the piping, which can damage nearby furnishings and prevent your heating system from running the way it should. Buy pinhole leaks release water vapor rather that water, which means there are no drips and the problem is thus much harder to spot. Trained service technicians can use pressure gauges to note the existence of pinhole leaks.

Heat Pumps Can Suffer from Faulty Reversing Valves

One of the big differences between a heat pump and a more traditional air conditioner is that it contains a reversing valve, which switches the flow of refrigerant and let’s you go from heating to cooling and back again. When the valve runs into trouble, the heat pump will be stuck in one position and you won’t be able to switch over until it gets fixed.

Positioning Is Everything with Thermostats

Sometimes, a problem with your thermostat doesn’t come with the unit itself, but rather with its position in your home. Excessive sunlight exposure or proximity to a crossbreed means that it will often misread the temperature and turn your system on and off at the wrong times. A trained technician can move the thermostat to a spot in your home that more accurately reflects the temperature.

Air Conditioning in Mercer County

People tend to take a one-size-fits-all approach to their air conditioning systems, and considering how hot and brutal our summers are in Mercer County, NJ, any reliable systems will do. But every home is unique, and as such, every air conditioning system needs to be uniquely suited to it. That involves a company like Ambient Comfort LLC, which knows how to audit your home in order to determine its exact needs, then install an air conditioning system that fits it like a glove!

The Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning systems cost more to install, but offer a number of benefits in return. For starts, it lets you turn off the air in rooms you aren’t using, which can save a huge amount of money on monthly bills. It also allows you to set different temperatures in different parts of the house to suit you. And don’t forget the most obvious reason: no more ducts!

Low Air Flow is a Problem in Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioners may not overtly demonstrate a problem, so you need to look for signs that something is wrong in order to call a technician. Low airflow usually indicates a blockage or similar obstruction, which can cause serious problems elsewhere in the air conditioner. Like anything else out of the ordinary, low airflow should be addressed promptly.

Indoor Air Quality Means a Healthier Household

Low indoor air quality can come in many forms here in Mercer County: humidity, dust in the air, and germs and bacteria carried through your home. Above all else, an indoor air quality product should make your household air healthier and easier to breathe. This is especially true for households with newborn babies, elderly family members or those with asthma or similar conditions. A good IAQ service can examine your home and recommend the best system for you!

Whole-Home Humidifiers Stop Dry Air and Illness

There’s a reason why winter is cold and flu season. When the air gets too dry, it dries out of sinuses, which is our body’s main external defense against colds. A whole-home humidifier placed in your household and working on conjunction with your heater can keep your family safe from that danger and improve the comfort levels in the air as well.

Air Too Muggy? Try a Whole-Home Dehumidifier!

Whenever the relative humidity in the air rises above 50%, the sweat stops evaporating off of our skin. As a result, we feel clammier, the air seems hotter, and the discomfort levels grow in leaps and bounds. A whole-home dehumidifier can put a stop to the process: removing excess moisture from the air and restoring comfort levels to their ideal position.

Air Purifiers Remove Dust

Dust can be a huge nuisance not only to the furnishings and carpets in your home, but in key components in your heater and air conditioner as well. An air purifier helps keep dust out of the air, which not only makes your air feel fresher and healthier, but helps keep every corner of your home clean!

Look to Us for Commercial HVAC Installation

New construction on commercial spaces relies on quality air conditioning service to perform a proper installation. That way, your new commercial space here in Mercer County will be read to go with any pertinent heating and cooling needs, and you can start attracting tenants without having to worry about whether the space is going to be comfortable. You can keep that feeling going with timely repairs, regular maintenances and replacement when the system finally needs to go. Call us today to learn more!

Commercial Air Conditioning Needs to Be Ready in the Spring

The last thing you need is for your commercial air conditioner to cut out in the middle of a heat wave, leaving employees and customers alike slowly baking. You can nip that danger in the bud by scheduling regular maintenance sessions for your commercial system every spring: after the snows have melted but before the temperature outside climbs too high.

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