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Air Conditioning Services in Camden County & South Jersey

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Since 2011, homeowners in Camden County and South Jersey have trusted their air conditioning needs to the trained team at Ambient Comfort LLC. Our NATE-certified technicians can take care of whatever cooling work you need done: installing a new AC, repairing a faulty one, or providing regular maintenance to ensure peak cooling performance.

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We work with a range of air conditioning systems including central ACs, heat pumps, and ductless cooling. You can trust that we’ll always find the best cooling solution for your home. We stand behind all our work, and our team is ready around the clock to deliver the assistance you need.

“Trust Us to Keep You Comfortable” when you need air conditioning service!


Air Conditioning Installation Service

Air conditioners get put to the test on a daily basis during our South Jersey summers. Preparing for that means ensuring a top–notch installation (or replacement service if you’re replacing an old system). It actually begins earlier than that, when you first meet with an Ambient Comfort technician to determine your power load, efficiency rating, and other key factors for a system within your budget.

Once that’s in place, we can perform a proper installation or replacement, ensuring that everything is put together the right way. That way, you won’t suffer any problems out of the gate caused by loose fittings, poorly fitted ductwork, and the like. With a good beginning, you can get the first of many years of quality air conditioning off on the right foot.

At Ambient Comfort LLC, we offer air conditioning services including installation, repair, and maintenance on a number of different systems including:

Call us today to schedule air conditioning repair and other services in Camden County, South Jersey and beyond. We offer exceptional AC services.

We Service High Velocity Air Conditioning, Too

In addition to traditional centralized air conditioners and ductless air conditioners, our team specializes in high velocity air conditioners. These systems use smaller ducts and air moving at higher speeds than traditional air conditioners. It can be more energy efficient in many cases, and can also reduce the space taken up by the ducts (which can be a big issue in an older home that isn’t set up for air conditioning).

High velocity air conditioning requires the same technical expertise you’d expect in any other air conditioning system, with an eye on the system’s unique layout and problems. We have experts on our team who can repair and maintain high velocity systems, as well as perform installation and replacement services when the time comes to put a new system in. Call us today to find out more!

We’ll Help You Phase Out R–22

Air conditioners rely on refrigerant to do their job, and yours requires a specific type of refrigerant in a specific amount if it’s going to do its job. Many older units used a type of refrigerant called R–22, which is slowly being phased out in favor of more environmentally–friendly types of refrigerant. If your system uses R–22, we can help you with the phase out: replacing your system with a new one that uses a more commonly available refrigerant. Otherwise, you may find your existing AC unit costing more and more to operate, as R–22 becomes increasingly scarce and expensive. Trust us to guide you through the process and get your air conditioner replaced with a new one today!

Call Us for AC Repair

No one likes to think about getting AC repairs, but sometimes it’s necessary. Summers in Southern New Jersey are brutal and even the most well–maintained system can crack under the strain. The sooner you spot the problem signs, the swifter and less problematic the repairs tend to be.

Look for any signs of abnormal operation, including weird noises, higher–than–expected bills, a lack of cool air, or low airflow. Don’t delay once you spot them. Turn your system off and call in a NATE Certified technician from Ambient Comfort LLC. That keeps the damage from becoming worse and might also save you money in the air conditioning repair costs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

At Ambient Comfort LLC, we’re happy to provide quality air conditioning repairs when and where you need it. But we also believe that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. Yearly maintenance sessions, conducted at the beginning of the warmer months, can help reduce the effects of wear and tear. When applied regularly over time, it not only lowers your bills, but can extend the life of your air conditioner accordingly.

It also lets the technician spot big problems before they start, and plan for repairs at leisure instead of rushing to fix the problem after the air conditioner breaks down. Contact us today and let us show you what an annual maintenance session can do. To learn more about the benefits of our Comfort Club Maintenance Plan, speak with a representative today.

Schedule Air Conditioning Services in South Jersey

Whether you need AC repair or are looking to install a new air conditioner in your Camden County home and beyond, Ambient Comfort LLC is the HVAC company to call. We offer high quality air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services. Call us today to schedule air conditioning services.

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