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How to Get the Most Out of Your AC System

Things aren’t as cut and dry as they might seem when it comes to air conditioning. Some air conditioners are completely broken down and require repair, others are working but not to the best of their ability, and some are in amazing shape. The lifespan and condition of an air conditioning system, just like your car or your home, is a spectrum that requires yearly attention and best practices to make the most of.

Scheduling AC maintenance in Cumberland County can be a great way to take advantage of professional services and extend the lifespan of your system. For homeowners in Deerfield, Greenwich, and Upper Deerfield, you can see a huge improvement in efficiency levels, longevity, and the comfort of your own home with maintenance.

Let’s talk about how maintenance helps your AC, and a few additional strategies to get the most out of your air conditioning system.

The Benefits of AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is vital for the longevity and efficiency of your system. Here are just a few improvements that can be made by scheduling maintenance today:

  • Lower utility bills. A well-maintained system is going to cost less to run per month than a neglected one. This is one of the best reasons to have maintenance done.
  • A longer-lasting system. If you’d like your air conditioner to last as long as it should, then get it maintained every year. This will keep it running throughout its lifespan at the proper efficiency.
  • Better temperature control. Your home will likely feel more comfortable with a well-maintained air conditioning system cooling it down.
  • Peace of mind. It feels a lot better having a professional tell you that your system is in good shape for the summer ahead. Enjoy peace of mind and less stress by having your system tuned up!

Your System Might Need Repairs

One thing that air conditioning maintenance won’t help with, is a major repair. This is where we get into the interesting subject of your AC’s condition and the prospective need for replacement. A technician can make minor adjustments and fixes during maintenance, but a larger-scale repair or component replacement will become more costly and need to be scheduled separately.

If your compressor is failing, for instance, you’re going to need to work with us to decide whether replacing this vital component is more cost-effective, or if you should replace your whole system entirely. This depends on how old your unit is and how efficiently or effectively its been running.

How Long Should an AC System Last in New Jersey?

Typically, an air conditioner in our climate should last between 10-15 years, with yearly maintenance and adequate repairs done when something is wrong. A neglected system, or a system that’s stressed out and not performing properly, could last half of that time.

Air conditioning systems are expensive investments. Some of them can cost multiple thousands of dollars for installation and duct services, so you’re bound to save a lot of money if you can make your current system last longer with yearly maintenance and fast repairs when you detect something is wrong.

Contact Ambient Comfort to schedule a maintenance appointment today!

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