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5 Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

We’ve already experienced some high temperatures this year, and things are only likely to get hotter. For many people, temperatures that go above the 80s can lead to a huge decrease in productivity and a rise in stress and discomfort. That’s why we’d like to help in any way we can.

Of course, the first thing you should do is call for AC repair in South Jersey. Even if you live in Deerfield, Greenwich, or Upper Deerfield, our team can be there soon to fix your AC and get your home back to normal.

But for people looking for some free, easy tips to stay cool this summer, we can also help. Our goal is to make sure everyone in Cumberland County feels safe and cool this summer, even if their air conditioner is struggling.

1. Stay Hydrated

Human beings rely on water to stay cool and calm during the hottest days of the year. In fact, when our bodies sweat, we actually cool down by having that water evaporate off of our skin, which dramatically cools the exterior temperature of our bodies. But in order for this process to work, we have to drink water.

Do yourself a favor and keep some tap water in the fridge so you can have easy access to cold water. You can even mix some fruits or cucumbers in the water to make it taste crisp or sweet while still staying healthy and hydrated.

2. Use Your Fans

You don’t have to decide between using AC and a fan. We recommend using them together since they do two different jobs.

Fans are excellent at creating a wind current that can help evaporate sweat off your body and make a room feel cooler than it is. And, it does all this by using a fraction of the energy that an AC would.

Run it in conjunction with your air conditioner to get the maximum amount of cooling possible.

3. Limit Physical Activity

Stressful exertions and physical activity can cause us to become dehydrated and tired. This is one of the main ways that people get heatstroke.

On the hottest days of the year, make sure you take it easy by staying hydrated and limiting the amount of time you spend moving around or outdoors.

4. Curb Sunlight

The sun can add a few extra degrees of temperature to your home due to its radiant heat. This is great in the winter, but pretty bad in the summer. We recommend using curtains or shades to keep your home cool from the sunlight that’s heating the world around you.

5. Schedule an AC Appointment

Sometimes, an AC repair appointment isn’t just a simple fix. Many times, we can evaluate your home and help you make decisions that further insulate it and keep it energy efficient. We’ll clean out your air filter, and we can even provide an inspection or routine maintenance appointment if you’re not sure that there’s anything wrong with it.

The truth is that we’d like our customers to think of us as a resource rather than just a team of repair technicians. There are many methods we can use to help cool your home, we just want to make sure we choose the right one for you!

Schedule an appointment with Ambient Comfort to have your home kept cool!

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