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4 Ways a Ductless System Can Help With Efficiency

Yes, ductless HVAC systems are efficient … but how efficient are they?

This is a question we get all the time and it’s hard to answer it with numbers. Every model of ductless mini split is going to differ, and every home is going to have a different level of energy efficiency. For instance, a home with the door left wide open all year is going to be much less efficient than one that’s tightly insulated. We can’t really control that, and it might lead to a homeowner getting frustrated after being promised that their ductless system was efficient.

What we can do is point to the ways that a ductless system improves efficiency in Logan, South Harrison, and East Greenwich. And, if they’re maximized properly (with insulation, mild thermostat settings, and more) then you can reduce your energy bill by a substantial amount.

Let’s get into it, and be sure to contact our team for ductless AC service in Gloucester County, NJ.

1. No Leaks, No Problems

First things first, a ductless mini split system doesn’t use ducts (hence the name). This means that you’re never in danger of losing heated or cooled air through leaks in your ductwork, which can be a major boon to your home’s energy efficiency.

2. Customized Comfort in Each Room

The days of fighting over the thermostat are finally over! Each individual mini split air handler has its own temperature setting, which means you can set the temperature exactly how you’d like it to be depending on the function of the room. Think about dividing the family to be in charge of their own space when spending time at home, and this can stop people from constantly changing the temperature on the thermostat.

3. The Efficiency of Heat Pump Technology

Did you know that heat pumps move heat instead of creating it like a furnace does? This is a big difference in terms of energy efficiency.

Creating heat is an energy intensive process. We usually have to burn fuel or run electricity to high levels in order to feel comfortable heat. With a heat pump, the system simply moves heat from one area of your property to the next, allowing you to feel the concentrated heat that’s already there. No need to burn fuel or spend excess energy trying to create new heat when there’s plenty!

Also, for air conditioning, the system simply moves the heat out of your home so it feels cooler. Isn’t that nice?

4. Partial Home Coverage

What if you’ve got a ductless mini split in the upstairs of your home, but nobody is there at the moment? What do you do? With a normal, centralized heating or cooling system, you’d have to waste the energy heating or cooling an area of your home that doesn’t have anyone in it. There’s another way with a ductless system.

Since ductless units rely on air handlers to cool or heat a space, this means that individual air handlers can be shut down depending on their usage. So, if nobody is in the upstairs bedroom for the entire day, just shut down the air handler in there and enjoy the comfort in another room. You’ll save huge amounts of energy just by selectively heating and cooling the spaces you want!

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