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Helpful Hints: Here’s One Big Air Duct Tip

Air ducts are a necessary part of heating and cooling. For many homes in our area, they’re responsible for transporting heat from the furnace to the rest of the house. The reason why we say “many homes” and not “all homes” is because ductless mini split systems don’t need to use air ducts. They provide heat from an air handler that’s mounted on the wall or ceiling. But these systems are not as common as furnaces, so it’s more likely that you’ll see air ducts in a home.

Here’s a question: how do you know if your basement is too cold for your air ducts or furnace? Sometimes, things can get so cold that a furnace basically freezes up and requires furnace repair in Cumberland County. Even in Greenwich, Hainesport, and Evesham, we all know how cold some days can get, so how do you make sure that your furnace stays warm in the coldest section of your house? Keep reading to find out!

A Professional Remedy to a Cold Basement

So, here’s a hot tip that can help a lot of homeowners at home. If you’re concerned about your furnace getting too cold, since the basement is the coldest section of your house, there’s a nifty thing that a furnace technician can do which will actually solve this problem.

Sometimes, a professional technician can cut a small hole in your exiting air ducts right next to the furnace. No, this doesn’t mean that all the air will leak out, but a small amount will. This would be just enough heat to allow for the specific area of your basement where your furnace is to stay warm. This would ensure that your furnace doesn’t freeze up.

The Use of Dampers

Are you worried about a section of your home that’s not the basement? Perhaps you’ve got a room that just never seems to get warm no matter what you do? This sounds like a problem with either the furnace or the air ducts.

Furnaces can be too weak if they’re either old or sized incorrectly for your home, due to additions or other projects that have affected the total heating volume. For air ducts, we can add dampers to force more heat to one area of your home so that you feel more even heating.

Insulation Is Important

Don’t forget that if your basement or other rooms in your house feel cold, it could also be due to a lack of insulation. A furnace can do a great job of heating a home, but if the rooms of that home have no insulation, then the heat will never actually stay in the house. Talk to a professional about ways to improve your home insulation to reduce drafts and keep things comfy.

Have Your Ducts Evaluated

If you’re unsure about the state of your air ducts or furnace, why not have them both evaluated? Give us a call and schedule an appointment to get the ball rolling.

Contact Ambient Comfort for a duct evaluation or quick repair.

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