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What’s the Point of a Humidifier?

We’re excited to offer some special promotions centered around humidifiers this month, but we need to make it clear how valuable these systems can be. Humidifier service in Cape May County, NJ isn’t a joke—it can seriously benefit you, your family, and your furniture in ways you never thought possible. Winter air in this area, especially in Avalon, Ocean City, and Sea Isle City, gets incredibly dry due to the drop in temperature. This dryness will make you mildly uncomfortable and also do some serious harm to your home.

A humidifier is a system that’s built to protect your home from what can go wrong due to dry air. Cracked furniture, cracked skin, and staying resistant to germs is a reality that is only brought about with the help of a humidification system. Keep reading so we can get into the details about how these systems work, and why our promotion is such a huge deal.

Benefits of a Cape May County Humidification System

Humidified air doesn’t just feel good and keep the sniffles at bay, it actively reduces damage to your property and helps maintain heater efficiency throughout the winter. Buckle up, it’s going to take this whole blog post to tell you just a few of the great reasons to invest in a humidifier today!

  • Better heat. Moisture is a really good transfer material for heat. That’s why a pot of boiling water can stay hot for such a long time, it takes a lot of time for water to lose the heat it has gained. Humidifiers add moisture to the air which means your indoor air can remain warmer for longer. This reduces the burden on your heating system and keeps the air in your home warmer for a longer period of time during the winter!
  • Keep property in good condition. You want to keep your beautiful antique furniture in perfect condition for as long as possible, right? Well, dry air can crack and break apart old wood furniture and furnishings to the point where they crumble. Adding humidity to the air to the right degree will help things last in good shape.
  • Reduce the chances of getting ill. Your nostrils rely on the moisture in the air to help catch bacteria and viruses before they enter your body. Without enough humidity, your mucus membrane will crack and dry out, while it stops working as well as it should be. Adding humidity to the air can be a great way to stay healthy and safe.
  • Better skin, hair, and eyes. Dry winter air will crack your skin, cause your hair to become brittle, and also isn’t very good for your eyes. When your indoor air is humid to regular levels, you’ll feel and look much better as a result. This isn’t just our opinion, study after study shows that the human body requires moisture in the air to retain good skin and hair quality.

Our IAQ item of the month is a humidifier, which is why we’re so excited to talk about them!

Call Ambient Comfort today if you’re in Cape May County, Avalon, Ocean City, or Sea Isle City, to invest in your very own humidifier!


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