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Cape May County, NJ Heating & Air Conditioning Services

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Cape May County, NJ experiences a wide variety of weather: hot temperatures and stifling humidity in the summer, snow and dry air in the winter. To combat the, you need a first-rate HVAC system that covers all the bases, from air conditioning and heating to indoor air quality control. There’s one company that can install, repair, maintain and replace all of those systems in your home: Ambient Comfort LLC, with the skills and experience to handle HVAC services of all varieties. Regardless of your particular circumstances, we’ll be there to install the best system for you, then keep it in peak running condition throughout its life. Contact our team today to schedule HVAC services in Cape May County!

We Service All Towns in Cape May County, NJ

Avalon, Cape May Point, Cape May, Dennis Township, Lower Township, Middle Township, North Wildwood, Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Stone Harbor, Upper Township, West Cape May, West Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, Wildwood, Woodbine

Cape May County Heating Services

Here in Cape May County, NJ, we have homes from multiple eras, some stretching back over 100 years or more. That means an equally wide variety of heating systems, from old-fashioned boilers to modern heat pumps. Ambient Comfort LLC prides itself on providing quality service to whatever heating system you may have, starting with installation and continuing until the system needs to be replaced. Don’t let a faulty heating system vex you this winter, or any winter for that matter.

  • Furnaces: Forced-air furnaces are a popular choice in our neck of the woods. Gas models relay on natural gas piped in from the local civic system, while electric heaters pull electricity from your grid to do their job. That costs a little more to run than gas furnaces, but is less expansive to install, regardless, a good gas and electric furnace can be expected to last about 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance., and can be replaced more readily than many other models.
  • Boilers: After furnaces, boilers make the most popular form of heating in this part of the world. Using heated steam to warm your home via a radiator. Many older homes make extensive use of boilers, but modern units are in attendance as well. Problems that crop up can include leaks, excessive pressure, problematic valves and trouble with the heating array. The right company can always clear it up.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps use the same principles as air conditioning: circulating refrigerant to first warm the air, and then cool it. With these systems, the process can be reversed, so that hot air is released into your home in the winter. Heat pumps used to struggle in the cold climate here, but recent advances have made them much more viable. Because they rely on heat transference instead of burning fuel, they cost less to run than other kinds of heaters.
  • Thermostats: There’s no sense having a top-of-the-line heater without a control panel to manage it all. New thermostats represent a huge advancement form models available just a few years ago. Added features such as smart programming, the ability to read and react to weather conditions directly outside your home, and remote control via an app on your phone are now widely available, making your system easier to use than ever.

Air Conditioning Services

Summers in Cape May County, NJ are as brutal as they come, and with a thick helping of high humidity to make it even tougher to deal with. A reliable air conditioner can be your best friend, providing cool, comfortable air no matter how hot it gets outside. That makes them the ideal first line of defense, and Ambient Comfort LLC can be there with top-notch installation, maintenance and repair service every step of the way. Don’t be caught without air conditioning during the height of summer. Give us a call today!

  • Ductless Air Conditioning: Not every home in the area can support the ducts necessary for a centralized air conditioning system, while others might be able to handle it, but do benefit from the enhanced flexibility a ductless system can provide. They establish separate units for each room or section of your home, allowing you to vary the temperature by section and turn the air off in sections you aren’t using.
  • Central Air Conditioning: Barring the benefits of a ductless system, most homes in the area can comfortable accommodate central air conditioning. This system generates cool air in one single locale, then blows it through your home via a system of ducts. Problems come when refrigerant runs low, when there’s blockages in the lines, when electricity doesn’t reach the right sections, or any of a thousand other little issues. When they crop up, call us in to make things right again!

Cape May County Indoor Air Quality Services

If your Cape May County home has sensitive family members or newborns, you may be very interested in providing a clean and sterile environment fee of dust or germs. Even if you don’t, excessive dust in the air, or humidity levels too high or too low can have a drastic impact on your quality of life. An indoor air quality device installed by trained experts can make a huge difference on that front: lowering the strain on your heating and air conditioning system, as well as making a cleaner environment for your family.

  • Whole-Home Humidifiers: Winter air can be exceedingly dry, making your skin feel raw and itchy and drying out your sinuses to make them more vulnerable to colds. That comes on top of static electricity and an overall chillness brought about by low humidity. A whole-home humidifier an add moisture to your air, restoring your health and comfort levels in equal measures, and helping your family breathe easier!
  • Whole-Home Dehumidifiers: High humidity levels make your home feel hotter, and while your air conditioner can help, it’s not designed for such duties. The added strain will raise your monthly bills and the risk of a breakdown to boot. Instead, install a whole-home dehumidifier, designed to remove the excess moisture from the air and take some of the burden off of your AC.
  • Air Purifiers: If dust and dirt are a problem in your home, consider the addition of an air purifier. These ingenious devices ionize ever particle that passes through them, causing them to stick to a collection plate and removing them from circulation. As your heater or air conditioner cycles through the system, it gradually scrubs the air clean, leaving a cleaner, healthier home behind!

Commercial HVAC Services

A commercial HVAC system in a business environment here in Cape May County has much different needs than a residential system. Not only does it need to heat and cool a large space, but it must often accommodate multiple occupants of the same building, and provide precise temperature control to meet the needs of the tenants. A company like Ambient Comfort LLC can handle the specific needs of a commercial HVAC system, including installation repair, replacement and maintenance. Call us today to schedule a commercial HVAC consultation!

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