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How an HRV Works

HRVs, also known as heat recovery ventilators, are a peculiar device for the modern-day home. They basically allow you to feel the fresh outdoor air in your heavily insulated home without the need for opening a window and wasting all the heat or air conditioning you spend so much money on. They use an interesting scientific process to transfer that heat or air conditioning to fresh outdoor air at little cost to you.

Why does this matter to you? Well, it’s a perfect way to get fresh air at an affordable cost in the middle of the winter or the height of the summer. We provide service for heat recovery ventilators in Camden County, NJ to allow homeowners that experience. Keep reading as we get into the nitty-gritty of how these systems work, and why one might be perfect for your home.

Proper Ventilation in Camden County

When you think of ventilation, what’s the first image that pops in your head? It’s probably the air vents in your home either pushing hot air in during the winter or cold air in during the summer. You might immediately think of how important fresh air is to proper ventilation and the fact that your heater is exhausting fumes outside, or how your air purifier is eliminating germs inside. Ventilation is an all-encompassing term that basically means the quality of air in your home.

Scientific studies show that the air outside is actually less polluted than the air inside your home. This is because things like cooking smoke, mold, and other volatile organic compounds can get trapped cycling through your indoor air. That’s why homeowners often want to open a door or window for fresh, clean outdoor air. It really helps.

HRV systems are just one way for Voorhees and Cherry Hill homeowners to get access to fresh air without feeling uncomfortable or letting more contaminants inside.

How and HRV System Works

An HRV system takes the indoor air from your home and extracts the heat or air conditioning from it. Then, it takes in the outdoor air that’s fresh and cleaner than your indoor air. By mixing the two sets of air together, filtering out contaminants, and transferring upwards of 90% of heating or cooling, your HRV then brings in the fresh air. This acts as another layer of indoor air quality improvement, by not only filtering out contaminants, but also providing a continuous stream of fresh outdoor air.

Imagine getting the clean, crisp smell of winter air without the cold temperatures. Or imagine getting a summer breeze minus the scorching heat. All of a sudden, this becomes a reality with an HRV machine.

Call an HVAC Professional in Camden County, NJ

Don’t even think for a second that just anyone could install or service these kinds of machines. Most amateurs haven’t even seen an HRV, let alone know how to provide repairs or the installation of one. Just cut your losses and call our team. We can provide the necessary HRV installation, repairs, maintenance, and replacement services you need.

Call the team at Ambient Comfort today to invest in proper HRV service that gives you the comfort you deserve.

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