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It’s Time to Invest in a REME Halo

For the uninitiated in Folsom, Linwood, or Ventnor City, the REME Halo is a specific type of air purifier that looks to completely scrub the air of contaminants. While this has been a great boon for many homes in the area, as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the country, we were hesitant to tout it as a solution. After all, when it comes to air purifiers in Atlantic County, NJ, we want to be absolutely certain if one of our machines will clean the air of this disease.

Now, thanks to some scientific reports that are being shown all over the news, we can safely say that the REME Halo does, in fact, eliminate COVID-19 that passes through your home’s ductwork.

Let’s explore how this system works and talk more about why it’s such an important piece of technology that you could have in your home.

How the REME Halo Works

The REME Halo cleans your air using a two-pronged approach. Both of these are specifically designed to eliminate harmful microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and yes—that means COVID-19 as well. Here are the two main ways it accomplishes this goal.

The Release of Hydrogen Peroxide

The system itself takes things a step further than other ultraviolet germicidal light systems. The REME Halo releases hydrogen peroxide molecules into the air that actively eliminate single celled organisms. This is great because you’ll never really notice the difference in your air, but there will be a dramatic decrease in any harmful contaminants. Hydrogen peroxide is fine when it comes in contact with your skin, hair, or clothes. (We even have bottles of it in our homes for residential use, because it’s similar in chemical composition to vinegar) However, hydrogen peroxide is very harmful to invisible microorganisms that seek to contaminate us and cause us to fall ill.

UV Light Radiation

Unfortunately, just using hydrogen peroxide in the air isn’t enough to eradicate all the germs. You need a bit more.

That’s why the REME Halo works with a UV light radiation system. It’s basically an ultraviolet light that’s mounted in your ductwork so that any air cycled through your system also passes through this light. UV light is harmful to microorganisms and any organic, single-celled contaminants because it inhibits the cell’s ability to reproduce. The harmful properties of viruses and bacteria are neutralized because they can’t properly make us sick without the ability to reproduce.

You might be backing away from this system because you’ve heard the phrase “UV light” in regards to things like tanning booths and skin cancer. While direct UV light for prolonged periods can be harmful, your REME Halo is mounted in your ductwork so you’re never actually in contact with it. This means that your air gets purified away from you, and you never come in contact with any UV light, microorganisms, or anything else.

The REME Halo truly is a technological achievement in our day and age. And we’re finally happy to say that it does eliminate the COVID-19 virus. Take a look below at some recent reporting on this technology:

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