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Serving Southern New Jersey

24/7 Emergency Service Available


Serving Southern New Jersey


A good HVAC system is one of the staples of a comfortable home. That starts with heaters and air conditioners, which keep your Atlantic County, NJ household warm in the winter and cool in the summer It extends to indoor air quality devices, such as air purifiers which eliminate the dust in your home, and humidifiers and dehumidifiers, to control the ambient moisture levels. Don’t run all over town looking for a half dozen services to cover that. Contact Ambient Comfort LLC to handle installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement for your entire HVAC system. We’ll spell out your options before performing with consideration and care!

Trust Your Heating System to Get You through the Winter

Atlantic County, NJ features cold and snowy winters, and without a reliable heating system, you’re risking more than just your comfort levels. Cold weather can be lethal, making a good heating system far more than just a luxury. You should choose a heating technician with the same care you choose an auto mechanic. At Ambient Comfort LLC we cover a wide variety of heating issues for a wide variety of heaters. No matter what system you use or what issue you need our help with, we can be there for you!

Understand the Differences between Gas and Electric Furnaces

Gas furnaces and electric models use the same basic formula to heat their home. But there are differences between the two that will determine not only which one is right for your home, but which will dictate the kind of response a technician will need to make to correct a problem. Electric furnaces depend on power from your household gird, for example, while gas furnaces rely on fuel pumped in by the city.

Boilers Benefit from Regular Maintenance

Boiler problems can be subtle and don’t always manifest themselves until it is far too late to avoid considerable damage. The solution is to provide a regular maintenance session form a trained technician to help it run at its best and watch for signs of repairs. Ideally, you should schedule them twice a year at the beginning and end of heating system, but once a year at a minimum.

Check Your Heat Pump Every Spring and Fall

Because your heat pump is running through both heating and cooling seasons, problems may develop that you might not be aware of until you switch your system over from heating to cooling or vice versa. Accordingly, you should pay careful attention to your system during the spring and fall, when you’ll be switching your system over more often and those problems may make themselves known. We offer heat pump maintenance and other services.

Thermostats Benefit from Smart Programming

A smart programming feature on as new thermostat can be a big boon to your home. It analyzes your heating and cooling habits, then automatically makes adjustments to maximize efficiency. As a result, your system runs much more effectively and your home stays comfortable at all times. It can even help you shave a few dollars off of your monthly heating bill.

Look to Professional Air Conditioning Services

An air conditioner needs more than just quality installation to handle our stifling hot Atlantic County summers. Installation is the start of it, but it won’t do the job as efficiently as it could without timely maintenance at least once a year. Repairs should be infrequent at most, but when they do happen, you need a trained technician to handle them swiftly and efficiently. Finally, when the time comes to replace an aging unit, you want a company like Ambient Comfort LLC to explain your options to you and install a first rate replacement. Contact us today to learn more!

Look Into Ductless Air Conditioning Systems for Older Homes

Older homes built before the advent of air conditioning have unique cooling needs. You simply can’t install ducts in walls that weren’t built for them, and without ducts, your centralized system just can’t function. A ductless air conditioning system gets around the problem nicely, setting up smaller units in each room or section of your home to cool them individually.

Central AC Systems Require Repairs

The beauty of central air conditioning is its simplicity: cooling the air in a single location, then blowing that air through your home with a fan. The fan thus becomes one of the most important components in your system, along with the fan motor that provides it power. Many serious problems can develop when they are damaged or malfunctioning, which is why you should treat all fan and fan motor problems with your air conditioning swiftly!

We Handle Indoor Air Quality Issues

If you’re a resident of Atlantic County, you may already have a contact for your heating and air conditioning service. But do they handle indoor air quality issues too? Dust and dirt can circulate in your system very easily, creating problems not just in terms of cleanliness, but in terms of health as well. High and low humidity levels are equally problematic, making your home a much less pleasant place to be. Indoor air quality products work in conjunction with your heating and air conditioning to make the air in your home feel cleaner and healthier. Contact us today to discuss your options!

Whole–Home Humidifiers Make You Healthier

Dry air comes with a number of health problems, including red, cracked skin and an increase in static electricity. But a greater danger exists when your sinuses start to dry out, leaving your body more vulnerable to colds and diseases. That’s part of why winter is considered cold season. When properly installed, a whole–home humidifier can remove that risk to your household!

Ease the Strain on your AC with Whole–Home Dehumidifiers

Air conditioners serve as dehumidifiers by default, since the very act of lowering the temperature will pull moisture out of the air. But they’re not built for that purpose and high humidity levels can add to their stress and strain considerably. The solution is a whole–home dehumidifier, which performs the job with much more efficiency and can ease that strain on your system.

Consider a Whole–House Air Purifier

Air purifiers run the gamut from simple filters to sophisticated electronic devices. Before installing one, you must evaluation your needs as far as indoor air quality goes, and determine what kind of system would suit them best. A quality company can provide you with sound advice on that front, then perform an installation with the kind of care and professionalism you expect.

Commercial HVAC Systems Grow with Your Business

If you own a business or manage an office space here in Atlantic County, you know that the only constant is change. Your business must over grow and change to meet new needs, and commercial spaces must adapt to new tenants and occupants as the years go on. That’s why modular commercial HVAC systems make a whole lot of sense. They allow you to add and subtract heating and cooling power as you require, without having to reinstall a whole new system every time that happens.

What Should You Expect from Commercial Air Conditioning

Most of us spend the heat of the day at work, which means that our office spaces need to stay cool and comfortable no matter how hot the weather is outside. That same holds true as a customer visiting a commercial space. Who wants to spend time somewhere that’s hot and muggy? If you’re a business owner, you need to consider this reality carefully, then hire the right service to make sure your commercial air conditioner is up to the task!