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Insidious Boiler Repairs to Watch for

Boilers, just like every other heating system available, aren’t perfect. They can suffer from common problems that other heaters usually do, like lack of heating and interior burner problems, but they can also suffer from unique issues that homeowners aren’t always prepared for.

Since boilers utilize water pipes to heat your home, the problems they exhibit seem more like leaky plumbing problems or frozen pipes, which calls for a different type of specialist. That’s why so many homeowners get left in the dark when they contact an amateur forĀ boiler repair in Atlantic County, NJ, precisely because someone who is well equipped to work on a furnace might not necessarily know what to do about boiler issues.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. If one of the following boiler problems looks familiar, then let our team know and we can provide you with an affordable solution in no time.

Common Boiler Issues to Look Out For

Stay Vigilant

The biggest issue with boiler problems is that, because they deal with water, when temperatures drop to seriously cold degrees you could be in trouble with frozen pipes. A problem with your gas burner that might fuel your burner could lead the system to stop producing heat. Without the heat it needs, your boiler could end up freezing and your pipes might burst. The moment you feel like your boiler isn’t producing heat, contact a professional to have the issue addressed as soon as possible.

Pipe Leaks

When your boiler suffers from a pressure valve issue or a separate broken internal component, you might notice leaking or dripping. Let’s think about this for a second. If your system is dripping or leaking water in your wooden home, there are a lot of negative things associated with leaks. From mold growth, to mildew, and eventually to the weakening of your home’s internal structure. Call a professional if you notice a boiler leak or hear a boiler drip.

Also, your boiler works with tight seals, which means a dripping noise could be a sign that there’s damage in your boiler and the tight seal has been obfuscated somehow. This is yet another reason to contact a professional for help!


Homeowners might be confused about what kettling is, but when we tell them to think of their average tea kettle, it gets a little bit easier to visualize. Kettling in regards to a boiler is when limescale, sediment, or sludge builds up on the heat exchanger, the water flow of your system becomes restricted. Just like when water vapor begins to escape from the opening in your tea kettle, gas will be siphoned through the smaller opening in your boiler system, giving it the same kettle effect.

Not only does this cause your boiler to work harder than it should, but it also increases the energy or fuel consumption. Call one of our professional technicians today to have your system flushed and your boiler working to peak efficiency again.

Need a gas-safe HVAC technician to provide you with quality boiler repair? Call Ambient Comfort today!

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