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Heater Repair in the Spring? Really?

You might be happy with the fact that temperatures are finally starting to warm up, but forgetting about your heater is the last thing you should be doing right now. Your heating system, like it or not, is going to be required for next winter, and even the winter beyond that. So, if there’s a problem with your system now, it’s not going to go away and will likely get worse over the months where your system sits collecting dust.

Yes, heater repair in Gloucester County, NJ as well as in Swedesboro, Franklinville, and Glassboro is going to be necessary in the springtime. Here’s a good rule of thumb—it doesn’t really matter what season it is. If your heater has a problem, that problem needs to be fixed.

So, let’s talk about some common heater problems in spring and what you can do about them.

Common Heater Problems in Gloucester County, NJ

A lot of things can happen over the course of winter and spring. For starters, your heater could start running into some inefficiencies that cause a hiccup in the heating process. A component like a blower motor could be off-kilter, or a screw could’ve gotten loose, and you’ll start to hear strange noises or see a noticeable increase in your heating bills.

  • Wear and tear. This was a harsh winter, which means some parts of your heater could’ve been worn down by continued use. Not to mention the fact that many homeowners probably skipped maintenance last fall due to COVID-19 and other issues, so your heater could really need some help right about now. Call us if you’re encountering any signs of wear and tear, like strange noises, bad odors, and poor output.
  • A loose component. Rattling noises can usually clue homeowners in that there’s a screw loose or some other component that’s not where it should be. This is a great thing to catch because this problem can often cause more problems if neglected.
  • Inefficiency. You’ve probably noticed as the weather has warmed up that your heater has started to wane in efficiency. Your bills are probably getting higher for some reason, even though your system seems well-maintained and running effectively. By calling us for repairs, we can target the root of the inefficiency and make a quick adjustment.
  • Air quality problems. As the snow melts and the warm temperatures rush in, there’s a tendency for everything that was once frozen solid to now be released into the air. This can range anywhere from allergies, to dust, dirt, grime, soot, and other materials that were stuck under layers of ice for months. As things get even warmer, your home will be bombarded by these materials carried by the wind, and you’ll see an increased load of contaminants in your heater’s air filter. So, remember to clean out the air filter regularly and call us if you think your heating system’s coils or sensitive components have gotten dirty. We can clean them!

Springtime is finally here! Call Ambient Comfort if your heating system needs some last-minute help.

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