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The Many Advantages of a Ductless System: The Ambient Comfort Breakdown

Air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes, but recent technological advancements have given us a variety of options that can fit unique customer needs. You no longer have to get air ducts installed throughout your smaller-than-average home because a central AC unit is the only system that we can set up.

Now, we have access to heat pumps—and more specifically, ductless heat pumps. These advanced systems, as the name implies, can heat and cool your home without the need for air ducts at all. Perfect for smaller homes, uniquely shaped homes, and even condos, these units might be the perfect choice for your next big comfort upgrade.

For ductless air conditioning in Gloucester County, NJ, you can trust our team.

The Pros of Ductless AC

Ductless heat pumps are powerful and effective systems, but they do cost more to install when compared to average heat pumps or central air conditioners. So, what makes this added cost worth it? Here are just a few details that showcase the true value of a ductless HVAC system.

  • Hyper efficiency. Ductless heat pumps are more efficient than most other conventional air conditioning systems (and even ducted heat pumps) because they don’t rely on air ducts to transport treated air. This is a big deal, because a good portion of that cooled or heated air can leak out of ductwork into areas of your home where you can’t feel it. This just doesn’t happen with a ductless heat pump, so you can feel more of the treated air and it has to run in fewer cycles than a conventional HVAC unit.
  • Convenience and customization. When a ductless system is set up, we install the mini splits in strategic locations where you spend the most amount of time. Each mini split can be set to a different temperature threshold too, allowing for customized comfort throughout your entire home.
  • They work even when broken. Has one of your mini splits broken down? While you should still call for professional support, the good news is that the other mini splits will continue to provide you with comfort for the time being. They even work when something goes wrong!
  • A heating and cooling solution. Ductless mini splits are heat pumps as well as air conditioners, meaning they can provide your home with heat in the winter and AC in the summer. This is especially valuable in a place like Gloucester County where we experience all four seasons.
  • Environmentally friendly. Ductless heat pumps use electricity to keep your home comfortable, meaning they’re environmentally friendly and can pair perfectly with a solar panel installation on your home’s rooftop.

Professional Installation Is Key

Whether you live in Franklinville, Newfield, Washington Township, or Glassboro, you’ll still need to rely on a licensed professional to install your ductless air conditioner. Our team specializes in the setup and support of ductless heat pump systems. From start to finish we’ll be with you throughout the entire lifespan of your system so you get the attention you deserve.

Schedule a consultation and a future installation with the experts at Ambient Comfort today.

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