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5 Summer HVAC Tips for Seniors

Temperatures are hot, and you’ve probably heard us say numerous times on this blog that the heat can be especially dangerous and uncomfortable for seniors. If that thought has ever been confusing or strange to any readers out there, we hear you and we’ve decided to write a specific blog on this topic. Seniors aren’t the only ones who can lose valuable quality of life during a heatwave, but they’re usually the first to have trouble. With some of these tips, we’d like people to be aware of things they can do to stop the heat and enjoy a cooler, more comfortable summer.

Whether you live in Longport, Margate City, or Somers Point, the heat is coming. This Fourth of July we’d like to help everyone take steps to improve their HVAC service in Atlantic County. Keep reading for 5 great ways to improve your comfort and stay cool!

Keep Hydrated

Hydration is an important thing to consider when temperatures are hot. No matter what age you or your family members are, make sure you stay hydrate with fresh, cold water so that you avoid any health risks that come with dehydration. Elderly family members should be supported by those who can make sure there’s water available.

Limit Sunlight Exposure

For any elderly customers, sunlight can feel great but it can also damage your skin and cause you to get heatstroke over a short period of time. Make sure you limit your exposure to sunlight, and use blinds or curtains at home to stop sunlight from infiltrating your windows. The more sunlight gets into your house, the harder your air conditioner is going to have to work to cool things down.

Unblock Your Air Vents

Did you just have new furniture moved in or out of your home? Then some of it might be covering precious air vents inside of your home. Those air vents are vital for sending cooled air throughout your home where you can feel it. If you’re a senior, see if any friends, family members, or neighbors will help you move furniture out of the way.

Utilize Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an amazing way to lower the temperature by a few degrees. This can be a huge help when your air conditioner is already struggling to keep up with cooling demands. Plus, ceiling fans run at a tiny electrical cost that you’ll practically save money by using them to make things cooler without lowering the thermostat.

Call for Help When the System Breaks Down

Sometimes, air conditioners just can’t take it anymore and they buckle under the pressure. This can seem like a terrible emergency, especially on one of the hottest days of the year, unless you’ve got a reliable team of professionals to address your needs.

Don’t be afraid to call our team for help when you run into a problem like a system breakdown. Give us some credit, we’re the pros who can get your system back up and running no matter what’s wrong!

Call Ambient Comfort for help with your air conditioner, or for more great tips. Don’t forget that we’ll be offering $50 off for seniors this Fourth of July!

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