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3 Reasons to Consider a Smart Thermostat

We’ve seen a fair amount of homes in our time with highly efficient and technologically advanced HVAC systems paired with old thermostats that might have been from the ’70s. While we’re not going to fault anyone for their aesthetic preferences (some of those old thermostats look pretty groovy!), we do think that it’s time that homeowners evaluated the importance of their thermostats. After all, a thermostat is a piece of technology that performs a vital function for a home!

A smart thermostat in Burlington County can be a great investment when you’re looking to cut down on your energy bill and keep things comfortable. Not to mention that thousands of people will attest in Mount Holly, Lumberton, and Evesham that smart thermostats make things so much more convenient! Today, we’d like to talk about how these systems work and why they’re such a great investment.

1. Smart Thermostats Are Convenient

Let’s start off with the easiest reason to invest in a smart thermostat: they’re convenient! Why else would you purchase a smart TV or a smart speaker system? They’re fun, easy to use, and they can make your life a lot easier with new technology that has been researched and applied.

Think about it this way: a smart thermostat can have Wi-Fi capabilities, which means that it can be controlled by your smartphone wherever there’s an internet connection. So, if you’re looking to change the temperature at your home from your workplace, you can do that just by touching the screen! Or perhaps you left the AC on too high while on vacation? It doesn’t matter, you can just change the temperature remotely no matter what comes up.

This technology is simply easier to use and is more responsive to our daily needs.

2. Newer Thermostats Save Energy and Can Be Programmed

Did you know that a smart thermostat can help you save energy on your monthly utility bill? This can be done in a number of different ways, but the simplest way is by programming your thermostat to change depending on certain conditions. For instance, you can set your thermostat to lower the temperature at night during the wintertime, because we’ll be snuggled up under covers and less likely to notice the slight change. This will save you energy and money on your heating bill.

Or give your air conditioner a break during summer nights when things cool down. You’ll barely notice the temperature change, but your energy bill will!

3. Knowledge Means More Savings!

The last important advantage that comes with a smart or Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat is that it provides you with more information. These systems provide you with reports on how much heating and cooling is being produced, along with how much energy in total is being consumed. You can plan your budget ahead of time by having your thermostat tell you how much it’s going to cost to run your HVAC system.

In this industry, knowledge is power, and we want homeowners to be more aware of their heating and cooling habits so they can make productive changes for the future.

Contact Ambient Comfort to invest in a new and improved smart thermostat! Also, check out some of our promotions to see if any smart thermostat models are on sale!

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