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Common IAQ Pollutants and Causes

Indoor air quality is a serious concern for homeowners these days. It’s not really that the pollution is coming from outside of the home, but rather from inside where our houses are so tightly sealed that contaminants have trouble leaving. Some contaminants are more common than others, and we’ve decided to write a bit of a PSA about the different, most common IAQ pollutants and where they come from.

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For everyone else, keep reading as we get into the contaminants and what you should be on the lookout for.

The Most Common Organic Contaminants

When looking at contaminants that might infiltrate our homes, we need to divide them into two groups. The first is going to be organic contaminants, things like viruses and bacteria, which are technically alive and seeking to infect us with illnesses. The inorganic category of contaminants would cover things like dust, dirt, debris, and cooking smoke, things that aren’t alive but can still cause damage to our respiratory systems and our personal health.

Here are the most common organic contaminants found in homes.

  • Bacteria. Bacteria can come from the outside, or be carried in by guests of your home, but they’re single-celled organisms that seek to infect us and give us illnesses.
  • Viruses. Viruses are different from bacteria, since they reproduce by infecting a host. Some viruses, like the common cold, can spread rapidly from person to person and can linger for weeks before they’re finally treated.
  • Mold Spores. Mold can infest certain parts of your home and it spreads by releasing spores into the air. Just like viruses and bacteria, mold spores can infect the human body and cause illnesses.

The Most Common Inorganic Contaminants

Inorganic contaminants are the first thing we think of when we consider the term “stuffy air.” They might not infect us or cause immediate health concerns and illnesses, but they can still be bad for your health, your comfort, and your family.

  • Dust. Dust can originate just about anywhere. It’s a material that comes from a combination of human skin, microscopic dirt particles, and flakes of other materials that might drift through your air. Dust might not be harmful, but our noses are sensitive enough to pick them up when we breathe them in and detect them. Enough dust can severely hamper your indoor air quality.
  • VOCs and Building Materials. Have you had recent renovations in your home? Then particles of building materials and spray paint could have entered your home’s air to cause problems.
  • Cooking Smoke. Some families cook on an almost daily basis, and cooking smoke from the stove or oven can cause breathing problems for many family members.

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