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The Benefits of Installing UV Lights in Your HVAC System

UV light. It’s something you’ve probably read about multiple times and you’re exposed to every day. It’s a particular kind of light that is useful for certain devices, like air purifiers, water purifiers, and even in tanning booths. If you’ve ever been concerned about the quality of your indoor air, then this blog post is going to be a learning experience to get familiar with UV purifiers in Atlantic County. They’re affordable, efficient, and they can eradicate almost any biological contaminant in your air.

How do they work? Can they ruin the aesthetic value of your home? And what’s the difference between this system and a portable air purifier? These are all great questions that we hope to answer down below. Just make sure that you call us for any questions, or to schedule service in Northfield, Folsom, or Hammonton. We’re here to help!

How UV Air Purification Works

If human beings were like amoebas, single-celled organisms just floating through the environment, then we’d be at great risk to sunlight. This is why mold colonies tend to grow in the dark, rather than in broad daylight. Sunlight carries ultraviolet light, a type of light that’s harmful to the nuclei of unprotected sells like bacteria and mold.

Thankfully, human beings aren’t really at risk to this kind of light, unless we’re exposed to it for long periods of time. That’s why we wear sunscreen on a day at the beach!

Imagine harnessing this ultraviolet power and using it to eradicate unwelcome, single-celled organisms from your home. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, that’s exactly what a UV air purifier does.

This system irradiates those pesky mold, bacteria, and virus cells, causing them to be unable to reproduce, essentially rendering them harmless!

Are UV Purifiers Bad for You?

First of all, UV air purifiers are kept out of sight in your air ducts, so you’re never really in contact with them to begin with. But, if you were, would you be at risk?

Well, you’d be at the same risk as someone spending time in a tanning booth. Exposure to ultraviolet light is all about timing. Brief exposure rivals that of being in sunlight for a small period of time, so you’re going to be just fine.

Why Not Choose a Portable System

Portable air purifiers do work, but not nearly as efficiently or effectively as a whole-house system. The truth is that most contaminants in your home are recycled through the HVAC system, deposited into your air ducts, and breathed in by anyone in the home. Portable air purifiers just aren’t designed to deal with all of the air circulation in your home. They basically don’t handle the root of the problem, they only improve the symptoms.

Whole-house air purifiers do deal with the root of the problem. Since they’re installed in your air ducts, they deal with any and all air that gets cycled through your house. This means that it becomes difficult for any contaminants to exist in your home without coming in contact with the air purification system.

Interested in this kind of purifying technology? Or perhaps you’d like to see our promotions? Then contact Ambient Comfort today for a consultation or installation!

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