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The Three Best Benefits of Radiant Heating

The term radiance just sounds nice, doesn’t it? There are things that radiate joy, light, hope, and the term just tends to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This isn’t a coincidence, the term “radiance” is also an old term in the HVAC industry for a specific type of heat that does almost the same thing!

Radiant heaters are a type of heating system that encompasses common units like boilers and electrical radiant heating systems. These types of heaters are very different from forced-air heaters like furnaces and heat pumps, specifically because they radiate through objects and people, causing ambient heat to warm you up instead of the air around you.

If you thought these heating systems were out of style, guess again! There are some excellent reasons to invest in radiant heating in Gloucester County, and we’re going to go over them today. Just be sure to call our team for support in Wenonah, Glassboro, and Swedesboro as well!

1. To Some, It’s More Comfortable

Radiant heat is more appealing to some consumers than others. This makes sense, radiant heat is similar to the heat that comes from the sun, since it radiates through objects and makes your whole body feel warm.

With a forced-air heater like a furnace, it can be easy to still feel cold while the air around you is warm. With radiant heat, if you sit close enough to a radiator or the floorboards of your home, you’re bound to get nice and toasty eventually, because radiant heat can only be stopped by insulation and walls.

If you’re looking for a very comfy type of heat, or a heat that’s going to do well for your elderly family members, then a boiler or other radiant heating system might be a perfect choice.

2. Radiant Heating Is Incredibly Efficient

Radiant heating systems are very efficient, and we’re not just saying that!

Electrical radiant heating systems run on electricity which converts 100% of the electricity into heat that you can feel. They radiate upwards from your floorboards, so they naturally heat the entirety of your home.

Boilers are efficient because water is highly effective at retaining its temperature. Hot water is an energy-efficient way of heating a space, as you can probably tell when you’re experiencing radiant heat!

3. Reliability and Durability

Radiant heating is a tale as old as time—literally! Did you know that the ancient Romans used to heat their homes with steam by boiling water underneath? The walls of many ancient houses were built with areas to let steam rise up so the radiant heat would keep the inside of the house warm. This is true for many ancient civilizations, since water was readily available in areas like these.

Boilers and other radiant heating systems last an exceptionally long time. They actually can last a good 15–20 years before they really should be replaced, and even then it’s for efficiency reasons rather than the fact that the system is going to break down. There just aren’t a lot of moving parts in a boiler, which means it’s less likely to have a component break or malfunction.

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