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5 Benefits of a Complete Home Comfort System

What does the word “complete” mean to you, in terms of your home comfort? Does a completely comfortable home just mean that the temperature is exactly as specified on your home’s thermostat? Well, what if the air quality is abysmal and you’re constantly coughing, sneezing, or generally just feeling stuffy? We wouldn’t say the job is complete in that situation.

The truth is that indoor air quality in Atlantic County homes can definitely be improved. We’ve seen homes in Longport, Margate City, and even Somers Point with people who aren’t happy with their homes but can’t really pinpoint the exact problem, which is where our expertise comes in handy.

Our team installs, repairs, and maintains MERV air filters, as well as UV air purifiers for homes that need an extra level of protection. Today, we’re going to list 5 benefits that these systems provide.

1. Alleviate Foul Odors

The first and perhaps the coolest benefit that comes from a UV air purifier or a MERV filter installation, is the fact that by removing particles from the air or eliminating them, your home is bound to smell better. We’re not saying that anyone’s home smells bad, but what we are saying is that people can get used to the scent of their home, especially when it’s circulating particles that give off odors. These systems remove them and thus by default will improve the scent of a home automatically!

2. Protect Yourself and Your Family

Contaminants can cause you to get sick, especially ones that are perpetuated through the HVAC system. MERV filters capture these particles and UV air purifiers can eliminate biological contaminants right on the spot. This helps to keep you and your family safe.

3. Remove Dust and Debris

Dust and debris can be a plague on a home. The constant need for wipes and dusting equipment can get tiresome, and it’s really not your fault that your home has more of it than others. MERV filters, and other indoor air quality systems can help stop the dust in its tracks before it enters the rooms of your home or the rest of your HVAC system. Basically, these systems will help keep dust out and stop the need for constant dusting.

4. Keep Mold From Damaging Your Furniture

Mold might be bad for your health but it’s also bad for your furniture. Mold can grow in dark closets, under tables, and in areas that you least expect it to. Why not kill the mold at the source with a UV air purifier? This will keep all of your furniture and your sensitive family heirlooms safe from decay.

5. Keep Your Home Running Efficiently

Where do you think dust ends up when it’s circulated through your HVAC system? Many times it can end up right back in your air ducts or clogging the filter to your heating system. A MERV filter or UV air purifier will help remove those contaminants from the air so your HVAC system gets access to clean, fresh air that it can heat more efficiently.

Contact Ambient Comfort today for professional improvements to your indoor air quality.

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