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Holiday Heating Repair Guide

Have you ever seen those signs at a bus station or train station that say “if you see something, say something?” Well, the same concept could be applied to your home heating system. Unless you’re perfectly happy with the heat that your heater provides, the heating bills you pay, and the quiet nature of the system, you might have a problem that needs to be fixed. Simply put, if you notice something wrong or uncomfortable with your heating system, tell us!

For this holiday heating repair guide, we’d like to touch on a few common problems that rear their heads this time of year. From clogged air filters to refrigerant lines leaking due to extreme weather conditions, you could need heating repair in Cumberland County from a team of professionals. We can be there to help, and we can also be found in Greenwich, Hainesport, and even Evesham for homeowners that call our hotline.

4 Signs You Might Need a Heater Repair

Restricted Airflow

Put your hand near your air vent when your heating system is working. Do you struggle to feel any air coming through there at all? Well, this is what we callĀ restricted airflow, and it’s usually due to some kind of problem behind the scenes. Here are just two examples of why this can happen.

  • Your air filter could be clogged. A clogged air filter that needs to be changed can sometimes restrict airflow and cause your home to have trouble heating up.
  • Your ducts could be in rough shape. This is usually a problem from leaking or broken air ducts that can’t easily bring heat into the rooms of your home.

Lukewarm Air Coming From Your Vents

Lukewarm air is never a good sign, especially because you needĀ warm air to fight against some of the bitter cold temperatures we’ll be experiencing this holiday season. This can sometimes be attributed to leaking refrigerant lines if you rely on a heat pump to keep your home warm. Or, if you’ve got a furnace or some other kind of heating system, lukewarm air could be the result of a failed internal component or a heater that’s on its last legs and needs to be replaced.

Foul Odors Coming From Your Furnace

Do you have a gas furnace? Then it’s pretty common practice to stay alert for any foul odors. Natural gas has a man-made chemical added to it called “mercaptan” which smells like rotten eggs. This chemical is designed so that it’s easy for our noses to catch when our heating systems are leaking gas. Let us know if you’re detecting odors like natural gas, smoke, or anything else.

Strange Noises

A heating system that makes strange noises is likely in need of serious repairs. From clanging to rattling and booming, there aren’t many noises that are good signs. Just let our team know if you are noticing any strange or uncomfortable noises and we can be there to fix your system and give you an explanation as to what was happening.

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