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3 Reasons to Get a UV Air Purifier

Air purification is an interesting process. There are different air purifiers on the market that clean your air in different ways, but one stands out above the rest. That’s a UV air purifier. UV stands for an ultraviolet light air purifier, and it’s a system that basically uses low-frequency UV light to kill microorganisms before they have a chance to harm you. That’s right, this includes viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and any other single-celled organisms that could potentially make you sick or uncomfortable.

However, that’s only the beginning of where this air purifier in Cumberland County, NJ can help your home. This blog post is all about the benefits of air purification and why an ultraviolet germicidal light is one of the best methods of cleaning your indoor air. Plus, we’ll talk about a few bonuses that this system provides when you invest in the installation of one!

1. It Safely and Effectively Cleans Your Air

The first and most important aspect of indoor air quality is how safe you can make it. A UV air purifier cleans the air by emitting ultraviolet light which has low levels of radiation that can cause all sorts of problems for microorganisms while being safe for humans and other animals. This radiation is similar to the radiation that comes from the sun’s rays, it permeates the membrane of a virus or bacteria cell and enters the nucleus where it destroys nucleic acids and ruptures the DNA of the cell. This makes it unable to do important jobs for survival and it ultimately renders the particle harmless.

Remember this as kids get ready to go back to school. This air purifier could help protect your home and your children from the harmful particles that are brought in from those environments.

2. It Runs on Minimal Energy Consumption

UV light purifiers don’t run like other air purifiers. There’s no electro-magnetization going on or any kind of air cycling. Your HVAC system is what cycles the fresh air so all the UV air purifier does is sit in your air ducts and intercept the air going through the system. Just by shining the light, you get the maximum effect of the air purifier at a minimal cost!

If you’re worried about energy costs in Cumberland County or Vineland, then this item is a perfect air purifier to have a negligible effect on your bills.

3. It Eliminates Foul Odors Throughout Your Home

A hidden bonus of having a UV air purifier is that it eliminates odors that could be permeating through your home. When your nose picks up on a foul scent, it’s actually detecting particles of some contaminant in the air. The closer you are to the source of contamination, the stronger the smell is. However, a UV air purifier eliminates bacteria, mold, and viruses at their source, which means you won’t be picking up the scents that they normally give off.

This will make it much easier to clean your home or prepare it for guests!

Call Ambient Comfort to install a powerful UV air purifier in your home today!

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