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Which Type of Furnace Is Right for Me?

We’re going to come right out of the gate and say that there is no magical furnace that will be perfect. Every furnace is different and they all come with pros and cons, just like everything in life. But what we can do is find the furnace that’s perfect for you, where you get to enjoy the benefits and forget about the negligible negatives.

So, which type of furnace is the right one for you? It’s likely going to be different than certain homeowners in Wenonah, Glassboro, and Swedesboro, but it should fit your comfort preferences and your budget accurately.

Our team is full of professionals who can match the perfect furnace with the right owner. Just make sure you start by scheduling furnace service in Gloucester County with our team of licensed experts. We’ll get the job done right and walk you through the furnace selection process.

The Electric Furnace

Let’s start with one of the most affordable models on the market for heating your home: the electric furnace. Electric furnaces function similarly to space heaters, except instead of heating a space in your home, they heat the entire house.

These units use electrical resistance to heat the surrounding air, causing a coil to get hot and spread heat throughout your home.

Off-Grid Heating at an Affordable Price

Electric furnaces are not only some of the most affordable systems to install, but they only require electricity to operate at peak efficiency. This means you don’t need an active gas line or anything like that in your home, and they can work in some of the most off-grid homes in our area.

If you’re looking for an affordable heater for your home that’s a little bit outside of town, this is your best bet.

The Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are sleek, powerful, efficient, and affordable. They’re the full package for many homeowners who have access to natural gas and would like to reach efficiency levels that compliment their budgets.

A gas furnace works by burning natural gas, which is clean burning with minimal fumes, and then heating up the air inside of your home.

Power and Efficiency

Gas furnaces are great options these days because of how powerful and fuel-efficient they are. They work on some of the coldest days of the year with very little difference, and some models are reaching 90+ AFUE ratings which means 90% or more of the fuel in the system is turned into heat you can feel.

Something Different?

Not every preference or budget will work for furnace systems. While these systems are great for most customers, they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. For many customers out there, they might do better with a different system.

Why not try installing a heat pump in your home, or a ductless mini split? These systems are electrical, eco-friendly, energy efficient, and they’re great at heating and cooling small spaces. Work with our team to find the perfect heating solution for your home this fall or winter.

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