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Is a Radiant Heating System Right for Me?

There are two main types of heating systems that we service in the Haddon Heights, Tavistock, and Cherry Hill areas: forced air and radiant.

Forced-air heating systems are the most common but not always the best choice for homeowners. These include things like furnaces, heat pumps, and anything that actually heats the air inside of a house. Radiant heating systems are different, focusing on using either electrical lines or hot water to radiate heat through the walls and floors of a home, heating objects in space as well as the air.

Radiant heating is a great type of heating that’s still used today, but in order to figure out if it’s right for you and your home, we’ll need to go over some things. Our team can get you set up with radiant heating service in Camden County, NJ if that’s the right choice for you and your family.

Radiant Heat: How It Works

Radiant heat uses electrical lines or water to keep a home warm. A boiler or baseboard heater would be considered radiant heating, because these systems actually radiate heat throughout your home instead of heating the air.

Don’t worry, the air in your home will still be warm, but the system will be focusing on heating you and the space around you.

The electrical lines or water pipes of a radiant heating system warm up and produce heat that extends outward. Usually, these radiant lines are placed down below due to the simple fact that heat rises. So the heat rises up through your home and heats objects, air, and even you!

The Cost of Radiant Heat

Radiant heating systems can often cost more to install than forced-air heating systems. This is why most homes in America use things like gas furnaces. They’re more affordable and they can use existing ductwork.

But this cost difference might be worth it due to two important factors: durability and comfort.

Durability and Comfort

Radiant heating systems like boilers are more durable than other forced-air heating systems. This is due in part to them having fewer moving parts and relying on stable infrastructure in order to heat your home. A boiler can easily last upwards of 20 years with proper maintenance, while almost every other forced-air heating unit would last 10–15 at most. Boilers, depending on how they’re constructed and the company that produced them, are some of the most durable and long-lasting systems on the market, followed by electrical radiant heating systems.

Don’t forget about your comfort! If you enjoy radiant heat more than forced-air heating, then you’ll simply be happier with a boiler or a baseboard system. This is important because life is too short to choose a heating system that’s less comfortable and that won’t keep you happy for years on end.

Choose the heating system that makes you feel like your home is a sanctuary. If that’s a long-lasting boiler, then we can help set that up for you.

It’s time to contact Ambient Comfort for your next heating installation or radiant heating service.

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