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What Is Included in a Tune-Up?

Each year when winter comes, we all sit by the fireplace or vents and enjoy the warmth that our heating systems create. This heat allows us to live our lives comfortably, focusing on important things like school, work, and spending time with the ones we love. But what if your heating system can’t keep your home as warm as it could last year?

This is an all-too-familiar experience with heating systems. The honeymoon phase is over and your heating unit in Greenwich, Hainesport, or even Evesham is starting to provide less heat or run up your energy bill. It might even start producing odors that make you feel unsafe in your own home. These are problems that come from yearly wear and tear, and there’s only one real way to mitigate them.

Introducing the heating tune-up in Cumberland County. This yearly service keeps your heating equipment in great shape and has a few extra benefits included that we’ll go into down below.

The Safety Inspection

One of the first and most important things a professional technician does during a tune-up is evaluate the safety of your heating system. This is incredibly important if you have a gas-burning system, like a gas furnace, since we’ll be able to detect any gas leaks, carbon monoxide in the air, and other hazards that might make your home less safe.

Even if your system doesn’t consume gas, we’ll still evaluate the condition of the components and the safety of the unit. This is almost worth the cost of maintenance itself, because it gives you peace of mind for the rest of the season, knowing that a trustworthy technician paid extra attention to your system before you spend months depending on it.

Cleaning the Components

The components of a heating system can get dirty over time. We’re not just talking about the usual grime, since all of the air in your home goes through the vents in your system and the air filter of your heating unit. That’s a lot of potential contaminants you might be dealing with.

During maintenance, a professional will clean off the interior of your heating system and change out the air filter as a courtesy (if it needs to be changed out). This gives your system a fresh start for the season.

The Test

Now we get into the fun stuff! Maintenance appointments will usually have a test in them where we run your heating system and determine how good its heat and efficiency is. We’ll ask you about any rooms or areas that might not feel as comfortable as others, so we can monitor the entirety of your home comfort.

Once we know how your system is working as a whole, then we can move onto the other work involved in tuning it up.

Making Adjustments or Small Repairs

If the test is less than satisfactory, we can make small adjustments and repairs to ensure that your heater is up for the task of heating your home. Of course, if a larger repair is required, or a full system replacement is necessary, we can do that too.

Schedule your next heating maintenance appointment today with Ambient Comfort!

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