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Is a Zone Control System Right for Me?

Zone control is an interesting subject. Many homeowners think there are DIY solutions to reducing the amount of hot or cold spots that exist in your home, but things can get very complicated, very fast.

Your ductwork has to work with a lot of air volume and air pressure. Your heating unit in Avalon, Ocean City, or Sea Isle City is likely working to the exact specifications of your home’s air volume. The ductwork carries this air where it needs to go, but there’s enough pressure and force to push the heated air into the spaces of your home where you can feel it. If you mess with your ductwork or ventilation system, thinking you’ll be adjusting the comfort and treating a cold spot, you might end up messing with the air pressure of your ductwork and causing discomfort somewhere else.

Or worse—you might harm the efficiency or effectiveness of your heater! Keep reading to learn why zone control heating in Cape May County is a solid choice for our customers.

What Is Zone Control?

Zone control is a specific type of system we set up for customers who feel an uneven amount of heating or cooling throughout their home. Even with all of the vents open, it might still feel like one room is particularly chilly, while another room is scorching hot. Without air circulation, this problem can get even worse in the wintertime.

Zone control systems consist of a series of dampers we install in ductwork to push or pull air in certain directions. Simply put: if your living room is cold but your kitchen is hot, we use these dampers to siphon less heated air into your kitchen, and more into your living room, without altering the efficiency or productivity of your heating unit.

These dampers can get complicated because we need to monitor and measure the air volume and pressure to ensure that by adding heat to one location, we’re not making another colder.

Matching a Zone Control System With a Heater

Zone control system don’t work with every heating unit. For instance, boilers and ductless heat pumps don’t use air ducts, which means we’ll have to take a different approach if we want to warm up a certain cold area of your house.

Zone control systems can only work with forced-air heating units like centralize heat pumps and furnaces. These systems rely on ductwork and air currents to keep your home warm, which is where zone control systems really shine.

Zone Control Can’t Fix Everything

If you’re feeling unhappy with your heating system, it’s a good idea to explore zone control systems. But they can’t fix everything.

Zone control units can make one spot or room in your home feel more comfortable, but it won’t do very much in making your entire house more comfortable. This might be related to the subpar power of your heating system. It could be sized too small for your home (especially if you’ve built recent additions), or it might be in need of a replacement.

Contact Ambient Comfort for comprehensive zone control services that get the job done.

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