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Ambient’s Guide to Commercial Efficiency

Commercial buildings are designed to be as efficient and comfortable as possible these days, but that takes a lot of work. For instance, an old industrial boiler or furnace isn’t going to give the same levels of efficiency as a system designed a few years ago, and it’s only going to do that during a specifically cold winter. What about summers, or the in-between seasons like fall or spring?

That’s what we’d like to talk about today. A commercial HVAC replacement in Vineland, NJ could net you a lot of cost-savings that you weren’t even considering before. Things like modular heat pumps are not only being incentivized by the local, state, and federal government, but they’re also going to save you money on energy bills year after year.

Work with our team of experts to find the best new unit for your building.

Prepare for Fall and Spring Too

Building owners can sometimes get preoccupied with trying to prepare only for two seasons: summer and winter. Summer is when temperatures are the hottest and winter is when things get the coldest, so it makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, with temperature swings happening all year round, that might not be such a good idea anymore.

We specialize in the installation of commercial HVAC systems that can deal with temperature swings year-round at an efficient rate. Modular heat pumps can deal with an ice storm in April and then a heatwave in May, without breaking a sweat.

Even if you make it through this winter unscathed, just remember that our seasons don’t exactly let up, and a new replacement might be a good idea no matter what the weather’s like today.

New Jersey Clean Energy’s Direct Install Program

Building owners need things to be cost-effective in order for them to invest properly in a new HVAC replacement without breaking the bank. The New Jersey Clean Energy’s Direct Install Program is designed to help businesses upgrade to a high-efficiency commercial HVAC system like a heat pump or series of ductless units without it being unaffordable.

The program provides financial incentives up to 70% of the installation cost, and in some cases up to 80%, and it’s designed to be used by any commercial, industrial, or local government entities.

Many local buildings are eligible for this program, so we’d advise you to contact our team and see if you qualify.

Efficiency, Convenience, and More

It’s important to think of a commercial HVAC replacement as an upgrade and not just replacing your old system. The unit that your building has relied on for years is likely extremely outdated. It could be running with a thermostat that’s not Wi-Fi enabled or programmable, which is costing you more money on a regular basis. Or, the unit might have just been running on 20th-century technology.

Either way, this is the perfect time to upgrade your commercial HVAC system so that it can keep people more comfortable, save money on energy, and be more convenient to operate for you and your employees.

Contact Ambient Comfort today to learn more about a commercial HVAC replacement!

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