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Here’s How to Use Your Heater as Efficiently as Possible

cardboard house in the hand against the blue skyAs we progress into winter, chances are you’re relying more and more on your heater to stay comfortable indoors. Given how chilly it get in our area, living without a heater wouldn’t just be inconvenient, it would be unbearable.

But we don’t think you should have to pay more than necessary each month to heat your home. You should be able to enjoy being comfortable at an affordable rate. This starts by doing everything you can to boost your heater’s efficiency—including keeping up on important Camden County, NJ heating services, such as maintenance! Read on for more efficiency tips.

Start with Maintenance

We really can’t stress enough just how important heating maintenance is. Hopefully, you had your tune-up before the heating season began. But if not, it’s never too late. Preventive maintenance tune-ups are key to ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

By properly maintaining your heater, you’ can ensure the best quality conditioned air form your heater, making your energy bills lower, your comfort higher, and your family happier. Plus, when you enroll in our maintenance plan you will get a number of other discounts and benefits.

Next, Is Your Thermostat Outdated?

Are you still using a manual slider thermostat? Or a digital one with no programming options? These are outdated, and they aren’t in most homes for a reason.

A smart thermostat, or even a basic programmable thermostat, will do you a world of good when it comes to using your heater efficiently. A smart or WiFi thermostat is particularly beneficial when it comes to efficiency and energy savings, as it “learns” your heating preferences and adjusts itself and your system accordingly.

Let’s Discuss Your Ducts

Do you have damaged ductwork? First off, this isn’t something that can be fixed by simply slapping some duct tape on your air ducts and calling it a day. This material is actually not appropriately named and it becomes brittle with temperature fluctuations—therefore it shouldn’t be used on your ducts.

Damaged ductwork often leads homeowners to run their heaters longer, to compensate for the loss of heat. All this will result in, however, is a worn down heater and higher energy bills than necessary. Contact our team to see if duct repair or professional duct sealing is necessary to restore system efficiency.

Use Your Ceiling Fans!

Yes, you read that correctly. Ceiling fans are extremely beneficial in the summer, true. They help evenly distribute the conditioned air coming from your air conditioner, which allows you to turn the temperature on the thermostat up a bit, therefore saving energy.

Well, the concept can be literally reversed in the wintertime—there is a switch just above the blades of your fan that reverses the direction of the blades, thereby pushing warm air down, and allowing you to turn the thermostat down a bit. This is a great, affordable way to improve the efficiency of your heater.

You can rely on Ambient Comfort for all your heating needs throughout Camden County. Contact us today!

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