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“I Need a New Furnace! Can I Just Get the Biggest One I Can Afford?”

furnace venting outsideIf you’re shopping for a furnace this week, then we’re going to assume that you had an emergency breakdown. And we get it, you want to get a new heater in place ASAP. But this is not a purchase or an installation that should be rushed.

When it comes time to purchase a new furnace, we want you to know that size really does matter. Whether it’s too large or too small, an improperly sized furnace will have quite the negative impact on your home, energy usage, and budget.

So What If It’s too Big?

It’s understandably frustrating to realize that there are a number of considerations to be made when purchasing a new furnace, especially if the purchase is rushed. But we really can’t underestimate how important proper sizing is. “But,” you might be wondering, “won’t a bigger furnace be more powerful?”

Well yes, but that’s the problem. Too big of a furnace system generates too much output. This means your thermostat shuts down the furnace before is has the chance to complete an entire heating cycle—cycles is how the furnace operates, no matter the size or type. A cycle generates a set amount of output over a set period of time before resting. So if the furnace is shut down before it could even complete a full heating cycle (called short-cycling), then the system will begin to suffer as it has to work harder to do its job than it should have to.

Simply put, if your furnace is too big, it can’t heat your home as efficiently as it was meant to, as your thermostat will keep turning it off. The overall lifespan of your furnace can even suffer, if you allow short-cycling to go on for too long.

Okay, But It Can’t Be Too Small Either, Right?

Right. As you’ve probably concluded on your own, a furnace that’s too small for the space in which it’s installed simply can’t generate enough heat to keep your living space comfortable. Therefore, it will keep operating for much longer than it was supposed to in order to compensate.

This is the exact opposite problem from if your system was too large, but in the end it is just as damaging to your furnace—there is increased wear and tear on your system, which will culminate in a shorter lifespan.

“How Do I Pick the Right Size?”

Give our team a call! The thing that too many homeowners don’t realize is that properly sizing a furnace requires more than simply measuring the square footage of your home. There are a number of other considerations to keep in mind, such as how many windows and doors are in your home, how well insulated your living space is, and if you have cathedral ceilings. The best thing you can do for your energy usage, your wallet, and your home is to hire a pro for your furnace installation!

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