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Prepare Your Heating System For A Snowstorm

When a snowstorm is predicted, it takes more than a trip to the grocery store and stocking up on food to make sure you can ride out the weather comfortably. Inspecting your heating system and performing some basic preventive maintenance in the home will help make sure your family stays safe and comfortable, no matter the temperature.

Look and Listen

Whether your heating system is a furnace, a boiler, or a heat pump, perform a sound check on the equipment while it is running. Listen for unusual sounds like banging, rattling or grinding that could caused by parts that have failed, are about to fail, or whose mounting hardware is coming loose. Also look for moisture on windows and dirt or rust on the vent pipe – all possible indicators of improper heating system operation.

Replace Filters

Air filters should be regularly replaced and kept clean. Filters that are clogged with dirt force your heating system to work harder, resulting in wear and tear on the unit and decreased efficiency.

Assess Room Temperature

Check that your room temperature is in agreement with the thermostat settings. Large discrepancies may indicate a problem.

Clear Exhaust Pipes and Insulate Vulnerable Pipes

Exterior exhaust pipes should be kept clear of snow and ice. Indoor pipes that are vulnerable to freezing should be wrapped with insulation sleeves. Outdoor water lines should be turned off.

Fuel for Furnaces and Generators

If you heat with fuel oil or propane, make sure you have an ample supply to see your through several days following a snowstorm. If you have a backup generator, make sure it’s been properly installed to ensure electrical safety and to vent carbon monoxide from the home, and that you have sufficient fuel for it too.

Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Failing heating systems can sometimes present a danger of excessive carbon monoxide production and leaks of the deadly gas into the home. Test your carbon monoxide alarms and make sure they have fresh batteries. If you don’t have CO detectors, install them now. Likewise for your smoke detectors: test them and change the batteries if necessary.

Keeping your HVAC system in peak condition is best left to professional technicians who will service it twice annually in advance of the major heating and cooling months. Service contracts provide the most comprehensive preventive service for your home heating and cooling equipment. Proper maintenance helps ensure against system failure and costly emergency repairs.

Our team of professionals at Ambient Comfort has your back when it comes to making sure your home heating system is in shape for winter. Call us today at 856-213-6586 to discuss your maintenance and service needs so you can relax when the snow begins to fall. We are located in Vineland, New Jersey, and serve clients throughout most of South Jersey, in Atlantic, Burlington, Camden and Gloucester county communities.

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