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Is Your Heater Suffering From Efficiency Problems?

Winter is in full force and by now you’ve probably noticed some strange things about your heater. You might have realized that it’s struggling to do its job. Or perhaps it’s not cooling certain rooms where you spend a majority of your day. Your bills are only getting higher as you keep it on longer and try to get every last degree of heat out of the system that you can. What gives?

This is what we call in the industry, “poor efficiency.” Sure, the heater works, but without heater service in Burlington County, NJ it’s not going to work the way it’s supposed to. You might not think that your heater could benefit from heating repairs, but as long as the system is having trouble running efficiently, repairs could help. Let’s talk about some ways that your heater could be suffering, and what you can do to improve the efficiency of the system.

Burlington County, NJ Heater Efficiency

“But Nothing Is Wrong!”

We need you to get away from this mentality if you want to save money in this industry. Only calling for help when a system has broken down or is just not working isn’t the most proactive way to deal with a problem. If you only called a mechanic when your car broke down, you’d have a lot more frequently frustrating days in your life. That’s why vehicle inspections exist, so you know that every car on the road has been looked after by a professional.

Take it all in. Tell us how your heating feels. Tell us which rooms feel chilly. Take note of how expensive your heating bill is compared to last year’s or a neighbor’s bill. If these things make you upset but your heater still works, repairs could still be important for your system!

Don’t Forget the Air Filter!

One thing that homeowners often forget about is the air filter. This can sometimes be the key to dwindling heater efficiency as it gets more and more clogged over the season. Rooms start feeling chillier and bills start to rise because your heater is struggling to get the air intake that it needs to keep you comfortable. This can be helped by replacing the air filter.

The air filter is meant to catch harmful particles that can cause damage to the interior components of your heating system. Therefore they can get clogged up with all sorts of debris, dust, hair, and other contaminants. This restricts the airflow into the system and will cause it to suck up more energy or fuel as it runs. Basically, a clogged air filter isn’t doing you any favors. Go replace it and see if it makes a difference.

Maintenance Is the Key

The best thing you can do for your heater when it’s suffering from efficiency problems is to schedule maintenance. Every year you skip maintenance on your system, it loses up to 5% of its efficiency to the point where you could be paying 30% or more on your bills over just a few years of operation. This is unacceptable and it’s important that you cut a problem like this off at the source.

Call Ambient Comfort for real solutions for your heating efficiency problems.

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