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Winter FAQ: Everything to Know About Your Heater

Winter can be hard. This year is especially hard with a global pandemic and so many other related hardships for the folks in our area. The least we can do is help your heater work the way it should and promptly address any problems. The only issue with this sentiment is that many homeowners don’t know enough about their heaters to call us!

So, let’s change that. If you’re the owner of a furnace, a heat pump, or another type of heating system that’s struggling this winter, keep reading. We’ll go through a complete FAQ that addresses common questions, what to look out for, and what to do when you notice a problem.

Heating in Camden County, NJ doesn’t have to be complicated. When there’s something wrong, or something occurs that’s out of the ordinary, you call for help so we can address it. That’s it!

Common Winter FAQs From Camden County Residents

“Am I Over Analyzing Everything?”

Don’t worry, this is highly unlikely. The more vigilant you are, the better chance you have of catching a furnace or heat pump issue before it breaks your system entirely and leaves you in the cold. We really don’t mind you calling us if you just “suspect” something is wrong. Best case scenario, there’s nothing wrong and your system is in great shape.

Now, if you’re calling us on a weekly basis because you think there’s something wrong with your system, but we keep telling you it’s fine, then that’s where we’d say to defer to the experts. If our licensed, professional HVAC experts are telling you that your system is perfectly fine, then you have nothing to worry about.

“Is There a Safety Issue with My Gas Furnace?”

There could be! Gas furnaces are built to last and are definitely not supposed to have safety issues, but that can change due to some outside factors. Neglecting a furnace problem can be the fastest and easiest way to encounter a safety issue with your furnace, since problems can compound and lead to other issues that eventually cause gas to leak or a fire hazard.

It’s a good idea to stay vigilant and call for helpĀ as soon asĀ you notice a problem. Any waiting could spell disaster for your furnace and has a higher chance of being a safety concern.

“Why Are My Heating Bills Going Up?”

Inefficiency! That’s the simple answer, but the long answer is that it could be a number of things causing this. However, this general type of problem is what we call inefficiency, and it’s usually from a lack of maintenance or some repair need that’s gone neglected. Our team can help ensure your bills stay low, and this is a good reminder to sign up for yearly heater maintenance to keep expenses minimal.

“What Noises Are Okay for My Heater to Make?”

Very few noises are okay for a heater to make. There’s the sound of your air ducts contracting and expanding due to temperature changes. Then there’s the sound of air wafting into the rooms of your home. And there’s the gentle noise letting you know that your heating system is on and functioning.

Anything aside from these three noises should be investigated. It’s likely that there’s a problem causing the sound.

Call Ambient Comfort today. We can help get your heater under control.

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