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Don’t Fear These Common Heating Problems

One of the toughest aspects of being a home or property owner is the fact that anything can go wrong. Unlike renting or living with family and friends, if your heating system breaks down, or your door hinges break off, it’s your responsibility to fix, which can be a lot to handle! We understand just how stressful this burden can be, and it’s what drives us to try and help our customers not just with great HVAC services in Avalon, Ocean City, and Sea Isle City, but to offer great advice too.

Let’s face it, many homes require furnace repair in Cape May County. But since the furnace still “works,” they’re not investing in repairs yet, even though something is clearly wrong. Let’s take a second to examine why this might be a bad idea and what you can do about some of these common furnace problems.

4 Common Heating Issues For Homeowners

Poor Airflow

Poor air flow is a simple problem, and it’s one of the issues that gets ignored the most. After all, as long as you’re gettingĀ some heat in your bedroom or your bathroom, then you’re probably fine to continue going about your day, right?

Well, not exactly. Poor airflow can be the sign that something is wrong, from a clogged air filter to leaks in your ductwork.

First, turn your system off and change/inspect the air filter. This might be the culprit as it usually stifles the airflow when it gets gunked up. Second, have a professional inspect your system and your ductwork. They’ll notice if there are any leaks or gaps that are causing air to get leaked somewhere you can’t feel it.

Uncomfortable Sounds

Does your furnace go bump in the night? Well, it’s not supposed to. Even if the system still works in providing your home with heat, it’s likely suffering from a problem that will only get worse over time. Rattling, shaking, screeching, booming, grinding, and buzzing are all sounds that a furnace should never make. If yours does, then make sure to get it professionally repaired before the problem gets very serious.

It Gives Off Odors

Sure, your furnace is never going to smell like flowers or that great scented soap you just bought, but it’s not supposed to smell bad either. If the air coming from your vents is tinged with the smell of natural gas (the rotten-egg gas smell we’re all familiar with) then it could be exhibiting a dangerous problem that needs to be fixed. The system could be leaking carbon monoxide which is undetectable but extremely dangerous to inhale.

It’s Not Reaching the Thermostat’s Set Temperature

What’s the point of a thermostat if your furnace is just going to ignore it? We’re serious!

Your thermostat is specifically designed to signal to your furnace what temperature your home needs to be heated to. If it can’t reach that temperature, then there’s something wrong.

Sure, if your thermostat is set to 70 on the coldest day of the year, then your furnace is never going to realistically reach that goal. But if your home is barely able to reach 60 on a normal winder’s day, then you need professional repairs.

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