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5 Benefits From a Home Humidifier

Humidifiers are amazing systems. When we started to realize that dry air was becoming a problem in our homes, boiling a pot of water or purchasing a small, portable humidifier just wasn’t enough. Manufacturers started creating groundbreaking systems known as whole-home humidifiers that could actually add humidity to the entire space of a home. This made the process more effective and these systems were also more energy-efficient since they could distribute humidity better and utilized a home’s HVAC system.

However, we’re not in the business of convincing homeowners in Wenonah, Glassboro, or Swedesboro about purchasing humidifiers. Your home is your home, and we believe everyone should choose how they treat the air in their homes. Instead, we’d like to talk about how you might benefit from a home humidifier in Gloucester County, and why humidification technology could be a huge boon for your house.

Benefits of a Humidification System

Let’s talk simply about some great reasons why you might want a humidifier in your home. We’re not talking about portable systems, we’re talking about whole-home units that can add humidity to every room in your house.

  • Stay healthy during the winter. Wintertime can get excessively dry to the point where you’ll notice that you get sick more often. This can be from the fact that your nose’s mucus membranes dry up and can’t catch contaminants before they get into your lungs or spread throughout your body to infect you. Humidity allows your body to act as intended and fight off contaminants with greater success.
  • Keep your furniture secure. Furniture can get damaged when things are too dry. Think about wood that can start to peel and crack because the air doesn’t have enough humidity. If you’ve got expensive or antique furniture, or even family heirlooms that need to be protected, then make sure your home is in good shape with humidity.
  • Steer clear from dry skin and hair. We’re not just talking about your internal health, we also need to look at your exterior health. Dry skin, scalps, and hair can be extremely uncomfortable. By adding humidity to your indoor air, you can stay healthy and feel healthy as a result.
  • Feel more comfortable. We’re just going to be candid, humidity can make a warm home feel cozy and comfortable during the dead of winter. This is true because humidity makes an environment feel warmer than the temperature reading actually shows, which can be huge when you’re trying to get through our arctic winter temperatures.
  • Improve your home efficiency. It’s easier to heat your home when there’s humidity in the air. This is because humidity actually holds heat better than dry air, which is going to help your efficiency levels. Your heater won’t have to consume so much energy to heat your home, and you’ll feel just as comfortable as you would otherwise with a lower utility bill. Isn’t that neat?

Look, we want to reiterate that it’s always going to be up to you whether you invest in a humidification system. But if any of the points we mentioned sound helpful or interesting, then call us or take a look at some of our humidifier promotions.

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