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Why Did My Furnace Just Shut Off?

This question is likely how you got to this blog in the first place. Sometimes, frantically searching online for the answer to your furnace woes can just lead to more stress and frustration. But thankfully, in this case, you’ve come to the right place.

To start things off—don’t panic! We’re a team of licensed professionals who can address any of your furnace concerns. No matter how bad the problem is, how stressed you are, or how busy your schedule might be, we can help you quickly. We’re licensed, insured, and our trucks are fully stocked and ready to go when you call us. Whether you need repairs or a furnace tune-up in Vineland, NJ, we can help.

But in the meantime, you’ll likely be trying to figure out just how bad the problem is. And with this blog post, we can help you understand why your furnace might shut off abruptly.

There’s Always a Reason

Furnaces don’t just shut off abruptly because they feel like it. Pretty much in every situation, there’s a root cause to the furnace shutting down and we need to diagnose it. Then, we can get to work fixing it, or even replacing the faulty component that caused the problem in the first place.

  • Overheating. Sometimes, when a furnace shuts down at a moment’s notice, it’s due to the system overheating. The flame inside of a furnace produces a lot of heat, but that heat is not intended to stay inside of the system itself. It’s meant to go to the rest of your house and even out. If the blower fan system isn’t working, or if you’ve got a clogged air filter, that heat might stay inside of your furnace and cause it to heat past the point of safety when it shuts down.
  • Faulty ignition. If a furnace doesn’t quite shut off but simply won’t start in the first place, it could be due to a faulty ignition. Just like a car, your furnace needs ignition to ignite the flame and create heat. If there’s an issue with that unit, whether it’s a pilot light or an electrical ignition, it won’t provide your home with heat.
  • A problem with the gas line. There are complex sensors in your furnace that can detect when gas is going into the system if it shouldn’t be. This can cause your furnace to shut down completely to avoid a gas leak or other fire hazard. Your furnace could simply be reacting to a problem with your gas line which requires professional support anyways.
  • A safety concern. Most of the time, a furnace will shut down due to some internal sensor or component that risks an unsafe or unpractical operation. Whether it’s a cracked heat exchanger or a leaky fuel injector, these are all cause for concern. Do yourself a favor and contact a professional for repairs.

Second Opinions and Furnace Repairs

If you’re looking for affordable repairs and second opinions, we can help! Right now, we’re offering $50 off furnace repairs and a free second opinion on a cracked heat exchanger through January. Just call our team to get started!

Contact Ambient Comfort today to keep your home safe and comfortable.

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