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This Is What an AC Tune-Up Entails

One of the hardest selling points for air conditioning maintenance, an essential service, is that many homeowners don’t know what it is. Sure, people get the general gist of what maintenance entails, but they don’t know what exactly takes place during this type of service. Unfortunately, this hurts our cause, because when homeowners don’t know what maintenance entails, they think it’s not necessarily important—and that’s just flat out wrong.

Today, we’re going to fix the poor reputation that air conditioning maintenance has and try to talk about what exactly takes place when you sign up for this service. AC tune-ups in Salem County, NJ are an essential part of being an air conditioner owner, and they contribute immensely to the efficiency and effectiveness of your system. If you’re looking to improve the condition of your HVAC, you’re better off reading our advice below.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up Process

Air conditioning maintenance is a process by which a professional technician comes to your home and performs targeted improvements, adjustments, and repairs on your system to stave off repairs in the future. This is important because it allows a technician to pinpoint problematic areas where your air conditioner might be struggling, and either addresses them at that moment or warn you about repair needs in the future. Here are some of the targeted approaches that a professional can take when they perform maintenance.

  • Lubricating ball bearings. There are a lot of small ball bearings in your air conditioner that receive friction while the system operates. That friction can create heat and, without lubrication, will break down the components of your air conditioner until it stops working. During a tune-up, a professional can lubricate these ball bearings, reducing system friction and extending the lifespan of the system.
  • Address temperature control. If your air conditioner isn’t reaching the desired temperatures in certain areas, a technician will be able to notice almost immediately during a maintenance appointment. In checking the system’s condition, a professional also checks the system’s efficacy and strain.
  • Clean the filter. While this can technically be done by a homeowner on a regular basis, a professional can clean your filter and show you how to do it as well when you sign up for maintenance.
  • Inspect the system. During maintenance, many technicians utilize a comprehensive inspection list that goes through the entirety of your system. This inspection list allows a professional technician to check every aspect of your air conditioner, so that no corner or component is left inspected. Rest assured that after a tune-up, you can be confident in the status of your system.

Call Us for a Tune-Up

While all of the aforementioned points might sound great, they aren’t worth it if you sign up for maintenance with an amateur. Only a well-trained technician can perform a tune-up with the right equipment and expertise required for the job. Call our team for comprehensive maintenance on your air conditioner that will improve effectiveness and efficiency, reduce the strain on the system, and keep you informed on the condition of your AC unit.

When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, Ambient Comfort’s got your back. Call us today!

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