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Thermostat Tips for the Summer

So, you’ve just invested in a brand-new air conditioning system. Or, maybe you’re trying to get your heat pump to last as long as possible before it needs to be replaced. Sitting down the family to have a discussion about best practices is a very good idea, especially because it creates an opportunity to teach them about how HVAC works and why it’s such an important thing to consider. After all, the more efficiently your HVAC system operates, the more money you’ll save and the more likely it is that you’ll be able to afford that summer vacation.

It all starts with your thermostat. A better thermostat operation is going to mean your HVAC system runs more efficiently, it’s really that simple. And, with a few tips and tricks, you could keep things in smooth operation and get through the summer comfortably. You might even need a thermostat upgrade in Salem County, or at least repairs in Pittsgrove, Pilesgrove, or Woodstown.

Moderate Operation

The most important tip when it comes to getting the most out of your HVAC system in the summertime is through moderate operation. It can be enticing to set your thermostat low, especially on the first hot day of the year, but that’s not going to be a good idea.

Your air conditioning system can only reasonably cool the air 20°F below the outdoor temperature. Anything beyond that is a pipe dream, or at least incredibly expensive in terms of energy costs. Balance this out by setting the thermostat to a mild 68° or even a bit higher on those extremely hot, three-digit heatwave days, and your air conditioner will thank you for it.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fan

For an extra boost in cooling, turn on a ceiling fan to help circulate air. It doesn’t drop the temperature like an air conditioner does, but by circulating air it makes things feel cooler. It does this by creating a draft that actually helps evaporate sweat from your skin, meaning things feel dryer and cooler than they would otherwise. This is a big deal if you’re trying to set your thermostat to a mild temperature threshold.

Wi-Fi Thermostat Ability

Sometimes, we’re just not fast enough to reset our thermostats getting home from work. With a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, you can set the temperature and tweak it while you’re not home. As long as you’ve got a smartphone, this is an option and it can lead to savings down the line.

Miscalibration Repairs

If you notice something wrong with your thermostat, there’s really no amount of fiddling in the world that will magically fix it. Your best bet will be to call a trained professional to have it fixed. It could be miscalibrated and sending wrong data to your HVAC system, or displaying wrong data to you and the family.

Smart Programming and Voice Activation

A smart thermostat upgrade can go a long way in making things easier. They’re programmable with different settings, and they even provide reports for your cooling habits throughout the summer. Some even come with voice activation to make things as convenient as possible.

For professional help you can count on, contact Ambient Comfort.

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